In the liberal, effete world murder is becoming increasingly unfashionable. People afraid of violence refuse to use it against their enemies. Personal fear leads to a policy of timidity. Cowardice is rationalized by liberalism and non-violence. In the public perception, soldiers then descend from being seen as the guardians of freedom to becoming the bottom of society. Like janitors, they perform necessary but despicable tasks, and are despised. Politicians pay respect to the military-industrial complex and lavish praises on the army, but detest the individual soldiers as oppressors and murderers. The children of political bosses often avoid military service not because of its dangers (they are usually allocated safe positions), but because they detest the lowly job of killing enemies. Ostensibly smart people deal with enemies, do business with them, and sign peace accords. It’s the stupid people who fight. Thus the government doesn’t value soldiers’ lives but readily sacrifices them to score well with the media. The more soldiers die in urban battles with guerrillas, the more humane the government is seen to be.

It would be all too human to fight the humane government.