“The Arabs of western Palestine were thieves by instinct, and those who dwelt close to the Jewish settlements were especially practiced and daring. Throughout the campaign the British policy was to treat these debased people west of the Jordan as devout Moslems. . . . And the Arabs, a crafty race, quick to discern British unwillingness to punish their misdeeds, exploited their license to extreme limits.” The Official History of Australia in WWI, ed. by C.E.W.Bean, p.787.

Do we really believe that national mentality changes in decades? Do you call the Germans to witness? What changed about them after WWII? Sam Huntington in his Clash of Civilizations mentions a NY Times poll conducted in the 1990s: a full quarter of Germans believed there were too many Jews (0.15%) around. Germans are still educated, hard working, diligent, disciplined. They seek political and economic rather than military dominance, but they were similarly peaceful for long periods throughout their history. Dominance is important, and the means of achieving it is a technicality; war is the continuation of politics by other means.

The Holocaust and statehood did not change the Jews. We are still educated, diligent, non-disciplined, enduring. Just why do we think the Arabs will change?

Israel befriends the Druzes, odd pagans masquerading as Muslims. They want our protection but won’t come to our aid.

Israelis who have seen Bedouins only in tourist villages feel sentimental about them and appreciate their loyalty to Israel. The day Saudi Arabia offers them more money, they will switch loyalty. Bedouin Arabs betray their kin by cooperating with Israel; traitors do not make reliable friends. Meet the real Bedouins, and see why other Arabs hate them. The Bedouin mentality resemble the hyena’s: tame when he fears you, ruthlessly murderous when he has the advantage.

Arabs killed Jews in pogroms before 1948 and ambushes after the state was established. They are waiting to kill us again. That was the original goal of the PLO and the Arab armies, postponed while Israel is strong. The Edenic conditions Israel offers Arabs do not help. A zero tax rate, practical freedom from licenses and permits, total security and absence of conscription are nothing compared to ideology.

Imagine that a Muslim Palestinian state takes Israel over. They introduce sharia but give dzimmi Jews administrative independence and parliamentary representation. The Arabs pay Jewish teachers to teach Jewish children tolerate the Arab authorities. Saudi Arabia finances Jewish hospitals and municipal projects in Jewish cities. Everything is cool.

We will fight.

The Arabs will fight, too.