Jews were given a considerable state by the Mandate. It was thought to be too much, and Britain took ¾ of our country for some Bedouins in Jordan. The rest was also too much for the Jews, and the UN halved our country for some Syrian Arabs who call themselves “Palestinian.” Fine, we developed our patch of land from desert and marshes—and it, too, is thought to be too much for the Jews. Now we must take in 1.5 million Arabs. What plot of land larger than a cemetery is suitable for Jews? Americans have an entire country for themselves. Americans are not an ethnicity? Neither are Jews. Americans are not a religious group? What makes citizenship, an entirely artificial concept, better than religion in terms of legitimizing a group? If a group of (say, American) citizens can take a huge country all for themselves and bar anyone else from freely moving in, even though most of the territory is not settled, why cannot another group, a religious one, take a minuscule country the size of an American county all for itself?

I’m often asked if we’re prepared to kill in order to achieve our ends. The assumption, invariably, is that killing is unimaginably abhorrent. This is nonsense. Every person save hardcore Quakers and cowardly peaceniks is prepared to kill for the sake of his nation, country, or religion. European settlers in America—what, were they giving health massages to the native Indians or slaughtering them? Russians in Chechnya, French in Algeria, British in Palestine, Germans in World War I—were they not killing? Nations go out to kill over amazingly trivial issues, from the dynastic wars to Indochina to the Falklands to Iraq.

Should Jews perhaps be more moral than others? Define morality for me. In my view, moral is what God says is moral. If we’re told to expel the inhabitants of the land He gave us, that’s the ultimate morality. Or let’s try a secular definition from natural law: morality is what has been thought to be moral throughout generations. Hardly any activity is praised more than a war which one side considers righteous. No, that’s not a good morality either? Then understand that you’re trying to impose on Jews some fictional morality with no basis either in Judaism or secular tradition. The very nuts who oppose medical experiments on animals want to experiment on the entire Jewish people in Israel. “Try this morality; if it fails, try another one.” No Jews left for experiments? No problem, they would upgrade to experimenting on rats.

Yes, of course we’re prepared to kill for national and religious ideas, and it’s only incidental that our ideas do not require killing. Once the  Jewish state stops subsidizing local Arabs with money, municipal infrastructure, free education, health care, and municipal services for which Arabs refuse to pay, and forces them like all other citizens into the army—they will go. We have tanks, and Israeli Arabs don’t, so they will certainly go. In 1948, a thousand times as many Arabs fled Israel as the number killed today. This proportion would be even better, making our enterprise relatively humane compared to any other countries’ wars.

God told us to exterminate the Amalek only. The seven Canaanite nations should be evicted, not killed. The difference is this: the Amalek attacked us for no good reason, but the Canaanites justly defend their land. God even promised that he would plant terror in the hearts of the Canaanites so that they will run from us. In 1948, Palestinian Arabs miraculously became terrified and massively fled the country. God did his part, and it’s up to us to finish the job.

Jewish land occupied by Arabs