America’s $20 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the sheikhdoms represents a meeting point between the corporate greed of the military-industrial complex and a mistaken approach to the Iranian nuclear crisis. Faced with a similar crisis in Cuba, Kennedy mobilized the US army even at the risk of confronting the Soviets. Bush, already entangled in the Iraq and Afghanistan debacles, seeks palliative measures. His newest idea is bankrupting Iran with an arms race. He therefore offers top-of-the-line weapons to Iran’s neighbors. Iran, however, doesn’t fear the Saudis or the Egyptians. Egypt has no quarrel with Iran whatsoever, and the Saudis—as Iran knows well—are impotent cowards unable to fight a sandbag, let alone the Shiite empire. American weapons sales reassure the Saudis and Egyptians, reminding them once again that America for some odd reason stands behind them, and that they need not fear Iran. But if they did not fear Iran, they would not oppose its nuclear program. Nor did they oppose it, anyway. The Saudis and Egyptians publicly upheld Iran’s right to nuclear technology. Egypt took the Iranian crisis for an opportunity to reinvigorate its own nuclear program, and Saudi Arabia reportedly is following suit. The military power will increase Saudi Arabia’s credentials as an Islamist leader.
America and Russia between them are arming every single enemy of Israel, who was silenced with a kickback—a $600 million increase in US military aid. But wait… we don’t need that aid, which amounts to 16% of Israel’s defense budget. Rather, we expect our friends not to arm our sworn enemies, like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and to refrain from instigating an arms race in our backyard.

Israel cannot sustain an arms race with Muslims because dictatorships can funnel larger chunks of their budget into defense spending than a welfare democracy. So far, Israel still spends a larger part of her GDP on defense than any her enemies, but collectively they spend much more than Israel. Much of Israel’s defense budget is wasted on conscripts, while the Saudis spend mostly on weapons. Iran and Syria buy relatively cheap Russian weapons and procure considerable stocks while spending less than Israel in dollar terms. Saudi Arabia financed the Pakistani nuclear program, and now receives nuclear technology feedback. Pakistan reportedly keeps a number of nuclear warheads in Saudi Arabia. After Iran, Egypt, Libya, and Saudi Arabia go nuclear, Israel’s nuclear deterrent will deter no more. Israel will hope for conventional wars in which all sides refrain from using nuclear weapons first, but Muslims are irrational. Bereft of its nuclear edge and unable to keep up the arms race, Israel will succumb to Muslim demands. Arabs won’t immediately push the Jews into the sea, but rather will use them as bargaining chips in dealings with America. Muslim tolerance to a nominally Jewish state is a currency on par with the dollar. Unable and unwilling to persevere as a Jewish state, Israel will continue as Middle Eastern democracy, sort of like Mali. Leftists will convince the population that it is okay to abandon Jerusalem to the Arabs and forget about Judea. Arabs will have no problem tolerating dhimmi Jews on the Palestinian beach strip and in the Negev desert. Under the cover of ethnic-blind democracy, Israel will allow the free immigration of Arabs, and Jews will become a minority living in ghettos.

South Africans dealt with their leftists before starting to deal with the blacks. Israel didn’t eliminate the Jewish leftists and will return to dhimmitude rather than instituting soft apartheid on the current South African model.