Condi Rice is the quintessence of leftism. She’s a patently lame scholar (and yes, I’ve read her essays) whose theories border on scams. In her essay on nuclear weapons, she repeatedly cites the Soviet WWII encyclopedia in fifty-something volumes, which even native Russian speakers find impossible to read through; she obviously relies on secondary sources without citing them. Rice succeeded through affirmative action, a semi-official quota for black professors of lamentable credentials. Bush took her into the Administration for the same reason, to earn a few black votes for the Republicans. Thereafter, Rice got a chance to validate her non-existent academic credentials. The affirmative action princess devised moronic political theories and took entire states for lab mice. Democratic elections were imposed on Lebanon and Palestine, assuredly bringing Hamas and Hezbollah to power. Two billion dollars of the US taxpayers’ money was pumped into Ukraine to subvert a pro-Russian presidential candidate and install a powerless clown whose party lost the elections a few months afterwards by an overwhelming margin. Desperately trying to salvage a working policy, Rice always stays one step behind events: she bugs friendly Russia with absurdly useless anti-ballistic missile micro-installations in Eastern Europe, and pats hostile Russia on the shoulder with concessions. Instead of accepting the practical, proven solution in Iran—destroying its military facilities—Rice tries academic prescriptions and politicking such as the toothless sanctions. As a quintessential leftist academic and an ignoramus full of pompous ideas, Rice wants to reform states. Thus her obsession with democratizing nuclear Pakistan; oh yeah, let the ultra-corrupt Bhutto and her Islamist cronies receive the nuclear button in democratic elections. That General Musharaff who desperately keeps the Pakistani nukes safe—yeah, he is a bad guy.

Rice alone is responsible for the US standoff with Russia. The purported “expert” on Russia’s military, Rice has not a clue about Russian politics or mentality. She engineered entirely unnecessary conflicts on the Russian periphery, notably the putsches in Ukraine and Georgia. What has America to do with an ex-Soviet republic like Georgia, a Christian kingdom for centuries in the Russian sphere of influence whose population absolutely depends on Russia for everything? Xenophobic Russians were predictably agitated to the point of withdrawing from the major military treaties, resuming the effective nuclear alert, and patrolling the outskirts of Europe with strategic bombers. Appeasement is not a policy, but neither is provoking one’s enemy a method of containment.

Of the same stock are Rice’s experiments with Israel. She is both contemptuous of Jews and finds them amenable; Rice is not educated enough to know that Jews are amenable only to an extent. In order to understand her policy regarding Israel, it is critical to see how important that single experiment is to the ignorant black academic. For Rice, the Israeli-Arab solution is more than a matter of politics; it is a matter of academic credibility. Soon to be out of office for good, she desperately needs that single lab work. Regardless of its result. Rice would love to succeed in her experiment on the Jewish mice, but failure is still a result in lab work.

And so Rice pushes Israel back to the 1956 borders, an eight-mile-wide country without Jerusalem, surrounded by triumphant Arab enemies. And the famed Jewish lobby is again proved powerless.