Treating Olmert as apotheosis of evil comfortably absolves Israelis from responsibility for doing nothing to defend Jewish state against leftists. It’s not that simple about Olmert. He was an impeccable right-winger and voted against the Begin’s giveaway of Sinai. In the prime minister’s office, Olmert did not pursue Sharon’s disengagement and showed reluctance to destroy outposts (“illegal” settlements). He stood against the Hamas government as firmly as practical and didn’t hesitate to bomb Lebanon and shell Gaza. Olmert rejected outright the Road Map’s provision for return of refugees. Corrupt like everyone else but more right than it seems. Olmert will not evacuate Judea and Samaria because he cannot garner support for that or any other project. Totally discredited prime minister with Jewish idea buried deep in his heart is now a feasible leader.

What are the alternatives? Barak did not disagree with Clinton about the return of refugees. Netanyahu cheated the voters and sold Hebron to Arabs. Livni is dangerous: she is unprincipled, with no sense of Jewish values, weak – and popular. She will give in to American demands of withdrawal from Judea and Samaria, and talk Israeli public into supporting that suicide.
Leftist establishment’s attacks on Olmert speak for themself. He is not good anymore for the ruling anti-Semites.

For the right, there is regrettably no choice but Olmert.