The recent scandal, over the Education Ministry approving a textbook for Israeli Arabs which mentions the War of Independence as a catastrophe, highlights the problem of fairness. The textbook, as the Education Minister claimed correctly, fairly presents both the Jewish and Arab sides of the event. The leftist minister failed to understand a critical thing: we Jews don’t want fairness. When two friends compete for the attention of a beautiful girl whom both of them love dearly, do they think of fairness? Fairness is a concession. People concede to contenders in some matters, expecting reciprocity in other matters. But sometimes, no reciprocity is in sight. A man won’t step back from vying for his darling’s heart because other contenders lack reciprocal offers for him. Fairness is a statistical matter; unique things are above the concept of fairness.

The United States, the most free country on earth, practices eminent domain. The government evicts owners from their property without sufficient compensation (if it were sufficient, they would sell rather than be evicted). Almost every state was formed by displacing the original inhabitants of the land, often by killing them off or forcibly assimilating them.

The Jews too need to carve a state for themselves. Not because it is fair—fairness is inapplicable to statehood. Not because the Jews deserve a state—no one does, just ask the Basques. Not because the Palestinian Arabs lack tribal characteristics—nation or not, they miss their grandparents’ villages and olive trees. The Jews need a state because they want to live in a state.

Masses of citizens slowly kill their states by disregarding their civil responsibilities; most don’t even vote. States are formed not by majorities, but by the relatively few zealots who hold the land. By holding independence and the right to live without strangers as the ultimate values, not subject to concessions. Enough Jews desperately want a state of our own, and the Jews won such a state in six wars and scores of conflicts.

Jewish occupation of land settled by Muslims is not fair to the Muslims. Nor is it green. Fairness has as little to do with statehood as color. For all its political correctness, America retains the common sense to avoid indoctrinating its children with the Red Indian side of the story. People in peacetime, especially children, cannot easily grasp the wartime concepts of genocide, rape, and robbery. It would take years for children to understand—and most will never understand—the subtle philosophical basis of morality as an intra-group phenomenon, inapplicable (and never applied) to foreign relations. People abandon morality to further their most cherished aims: Juliet broke her parents’ hearts by faking the suicide that would bring her to Romeo. All means are good to further national goals, and statehood is the primary national goal.

Is it bizarre to reject fairness? But where have you seen fairness recently? Some people are born rich while others live dirt poor. Some are geniuses while most possess mediocre minds. Some are prom queens while others are ugly sheep. Was life fair to the Red Indians? To the Chechens? The Basques? Jews? Arabs?

The world runs a giant affirmative action program for Palestinian Arabs at the Jews’ expense.