Patriotism can define Jewishness in Israel, but not in the Diaspora: patriots don’t normally live abroad, certainly not voluntarily. There are some exceptions, but the exceptions’ children are not usually patriotic enough to avoid mixing with locals.

Israeli education and political concessions work to destroy patriotism as Jews learn about Arab rights to this land and see the government conceding those rights.

Livni is a typical spineless atheist right-winger. Born to an ultra-right-wing family, and a right-winger for most of her life, Livni readily mended her views. And why not? Without belief in the Torah, her belief in Zhabotinsky’s “two banks of Jordan” was a mere preference rather than a stone-cut axiom.

Livni has changed her ways drastically at least twice. She tamed her right-wing views to join Mossad, a profoundly leftist institution. She changed drastically again when appointed foreign minister: after a series of covert meetings with “peace-loving” Palestinians, often in Jaffa, she converted to the peacenik tune. From “there are two banks of Jordan, and both are ours,” she turned to no bank at all. From Israel in the West Bank and Jordan, she turned to a Tel Aviv beach strip.

As a woman, Livni is very easily influenced. Her Mossad bosses, her Palestinian counterparts, Sharon—too many people were able to convince her of anything. She told the Winograd commission that she believed Olmert’s promise that the Lebanon campaign would only last a couple of days. She prefers to believe even when belief is absurd: she told the Davos conference that she supported Sharon’s disengagement from Gaza “to give peace a chance,” destroying the lives of 9,000 Jews and destroying the hopes of millions more, in order to test an extra-flimsy chance.

Livni is patriotic, but her patriotism is warped.

Tzipi Livni cartoon