Tzipi Livni, a prime ministerial hopeful, brandished her ignorance when declared that Moshe Katsav should not fight for his innocence from the presidential office. No one should fight for his innocence; it’s the police duty to prove guilt, surely before defaming Israeli president, not the worse politico around. His guilt, if any, is in his pants; Olmert-Livni’s guilt is in their heads and hearts. A lot of males in Israeli mid-to-high political offices have coercive or otherwise sex with their female employees; Katsav is singled out for prosecution. His corpus delicti amounts to sexual harassment at most, not rape. The case rests on the girl’s testimony and is ultimately non-provable. Leftist attorney general Meni Mazuz has embarked on yet another witch-hunt. Previously, he pushed Sharon into the corner with allegations of corruption against him and his children in unessential case of no national interest. Mazuz’ investigation played a role, possibly the role, in Sharon’s acquiescence to the leftist demands of evacuation from Gaza.  Mazuz is much less critical of corrupt Olmert and his wife, the bribe conduit. Olmert, an archetype of corruption and treason, has audacity to urge Katsav to step down. Olmert needs a peacenick figure like Shimon Peres for president to wholeheartedly support the giveaway of Judea and Samaria to Arabs. The impeachment is unnecessary: Katsav’s term ends in summer. Olmert wants the Knesset speaker Dalia Itzik of Kadima to become acting president for a few months to cover Olmert’ prostituting away the Jewish land to Abbas. Katsav is accused of raping a girl; Olmert raped the country in Gush Katif and wants more fun in Judea.