God gives Jews chances, several chances. Totally irrationally, the Arabs fled Israel in 1948 instead of staying and democratically voting the Jewish state out of existence. In a matter of weeks, Arabs reduced from 45 to 25% of Israeli population. At that point, Ben Gurion’s government rested, and allowed the rest of Arabs to stay and breed. Ben Gurion similarly didn’t push Jordan out of Jerusalem.

The second chance came by in 1967. Arabs fled Judea and Samaria – again, for no apparent reason. Moshe Dayan stopped the refugees, and gave the Arabs every Jewish sanctuary from the Cave of the Patriarchs to the Temple Mount.

Now is the third chance. Hamas does the Israeli job of creating unbearable conditions for the Palestinians. Why help Fatah for an elusive peace process? Help Hamas. Let Hamas fight Fatah and win. Let Hamas run primitive workshops for primitive rockets. Let it at Israel. Let it turn Gaza into fundamentalist Muslim state full of training camps. Show the world that the Palestinians – as any Arabs – are incapable of governing themselves with any decency. Then run the Palestinian Arabs off to Jordan. Cleanse Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. Leave no Arab trace there: no house, no mosque, no olive tree. Help Hamas. End the Arab presence in the Land of Israel.