The American president has once again vindicated school IQ tests. Apparently, they don’t give an 86 rating for nothing. Bush is definitely an idiot. In his newest attempt to amuse the audience, he said that the would-be London airport terrorists and Hezbollah share a “totalitarian ideology.” That is quite a connection. In fact, America and a few Western countries aside, most of the world shares such an ideology. Even religious Jews long for monarchy.

Unlike other mentally challenged people, Bush acts upon his beliefs and makes problems for others. “Orange revolutions” rocked the ex-Soviet block and destabilized the precarious balance of power. Some revolutions, like in the Ukraine, have already been reversed. Others, like in Georgia, became armed clashes.

Israel may “thank” the United States for many things, including lopsided armistices beneficial to Arabs, Camp David, the Palestinian state, and aid to Egypt and the terrorist Palestinian Authority. Recent gifts from the moron American president included the democracy in Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine that brought shiites, Hezbollah, and Hamas into the governments. Most dangerously, the American push for democratic elections in nuclear Egypt are sure to bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power.

Bush made the mess our soldiers are dying to clean up.