Every time Jews have massively turned away from the commandments, God has punished us. Enemies ravaged our lands in antiquity and our ghettos in the Exile. In our times, Jews assimilate into the nihilist cultures that surround them rather than into foreign worship. The Holocaust proved that God punishes nihilism no less severely than strange worship.

Not every Jew who died in the Holocaust was an assimilated nihilist, though the vast majority of the dead were assimilated. Like every nation, Jews are judged as a single body whose members bear full responsibility for one another. The rabbis who failed to keep their flock Jewish died with their assimilated compatriots.
There is no individual justice on the national level. Hebrews have killed Amalek babies who didn’t have a chance to harm us, and their elders who were no longer able to do likewise. Our bombs killed villagers in Lebanon, as our rockets did in Gaza. That’s unavoidable. Both we and our enemies are judged on the national level, without concern for individual human beings. Thus some Jews innocent of assimilation perished in the Holocaust.

If the Germans acted as a divine instrument, how could they be condemned? We don’t. God has already condemned them for their prior oppression of Jews by making them his instrument. God punished them by predetermining their actions; the punishment was carried out by executing the German murderers and leveling their cities. Likewise, God punished the Pharaoh for oppressing Hebrews by hardening his heart; the plagues were unavoidable consequences of that punishment. In modern analogy, a murderer is not punished by swinging him in the air; he swings as a consequence of being hanged in the consequence of being judged and sentenced.

on collective responsibility and Holocaust