Money buys power. Elections are a matter of PR campaigns, selling paradise to fools. In democracies, campaign managers take the place of visionaries and philosophers.

Israeli politicians demonstrated that trickery pays. Begin, Rabin, Netanyahu, Barak, and Sharon bluntly lied to voters and abandoned their election platforms upon entering the office. Voters don’t learn, as the current support for Netanyahu indicates. Voters are superficial and fall to simple change of forefront: many are ready to swap Olmert for Tzipi Livni whose track record and agenda are similar to Olmert’s. Voting costs no money, and voters are more credulous than Tulip bulb investors: just-formed political parties with catchy names, like Pensioners’ Party, receive windfall vote. Populism and demagoguery are politicians’ trade stock: witness Lieberman who pandered to his potential voters during elections, did absolutely nothing while in the office, and still counts many supporters.