Tzipi Livni, a rising star of unprincipled scheming, would be a great peace partner for Abbas if elected the prime minister instead of Olmert. Unlike the repulsive Olmert, she is dangerously appealing and could efficiently promote further giveaway of Jewish land to Arabs. On other hand, if the government opts for evacuation from Judea and we proceed with violent opposition, a woman is easier to counter than steely Sharon.

Livni’s approval rating is high among the dwindling numbers of Kadima voters. She is the party’s best chance at regaining the political ground. That concern could overcome the traditional hostility of Israeli’s establishment to socially non-affiliated politicians. Besides, it’s easy for a potential prime minister to build connections.

Current attempts to displace Olmert are wrong. We need the discredited prime minister who could not garner public support for building a kindergarten, let alone the “disengagement.” At this stage, a weak and corrupt ruler like Olmert benefits Israel.

Israel habitually rejected the renewed Hamas’ offer of ten-year truce in return for the temporary Palestinian state in Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. Why? East Jerusalem is not a real problem: Arabs settle it and the Jews are forbidden from praying at the Temple Mount. A Jewish state, which gives away Judea, need not be concerned with minor border rectifications. A Jewish state, which allows the Arabs to become a majority, has no claim to Jerusalem, whether East or West. Are we not satisfied with the truce? Peace treaties offer no more protection: witness the Egyptian military build-up. Do we want a peace with Fatah rather than Hamas? Abbas simply dresses his power struggle with Meshaal into political garb so that Israel and America suffocate Hamas.