[This text is offensive to our Christian readers, and we ask them to skip it. It touches on difficult questions, and intended to wake up Jews.]

How long will it be before we have monuments to Hitler in Israel? The proposition is anything but absurd. Months ago, the Israeli government approved the building of a monument to fallen Ottoman soldiers at the Temple Mount; never mind the fact that some of those Turks fell fighting the Jewish Legion.

And of all civilized countries, Israel is the only one to have a street named for the Mojahedeen, Islamic holy warriors—terrorists today and jihadists before. I’m not talking about a street in Ramallah, but in the Old City of Jerusalem. Palestinians have long stated their intention to re-bury Arafat the Jew-murderer in Jerusalem after the Israeli government gives them the city.

Jews sheepishly named some of their major streets after “Bloody Bull” Allenby, a British general who allowed them to return to Tel Aviv after the Ottomans expelled them for being pro-Britain in World War I. As if Allenby cared a single bit about justice for Jews! They could return to Tel Aviv because in the geopolitical struggle Britain defeated the Turks, and not by any grace of Allenby’s. Those self-centered socialist Jews ignored Allenby’s complacency in the face of a major Arab pogrom in Jerusalem, which Allenby tolerated for long time and probably invited in order to curb the rising Jewish influence in the city. The massacre of religious Jews is of no concern to Israel’s masters and common Israelis strolling down the “Bloody Bull” streets. Maybe, though, it’s not too much to name the streets after Allenby if there are squares named after Rabin.

Do we not have a problem with Christian tourists in our land? The Jewish law, even Rambam the progressive thinker, categorically forbids “strange worshippers” from the Land of Israel. And don’t tell me that “worshipers of crossed planks” refers to pagans rather than Christians; reserve that nonsense for your interfaith dinners.

Fine, no religion for a moment. Those Christian tourists are direct descendants of the crusaders, of the Christian throngs who murdered us for fifteen centuries. The cross on their necks is the same one with which the Franciscans forcibly converted our children, with which the Inquisition burned the Marranos, with which the priests led the pogrom mobs on our ghettos, and with which Christian armies annihilated us even in the twentieth century. Yes, in the early twentieth century, in Ukraine, more Jews were murdered at once than ever before the Nazis. And now the Israeli government negotiates visa-free entrance for Ukrainians. We don’t want them here at all, not a single one. Let them repent first, let them stop desecrating our synagogues and cemeteries in Ukraine, stop attacking Jews there and disseminating anti-Semitism. Let them return all the Jewish real estate they looted after massacring us—and then we might talk about normalization. Instead, the Israeli government allows commemorations of the Ukrainian famine of the 1930s. What next, are we going to shed tears over inflation in pre-Nazi Germany?

Even for atheist Jews, is it not offensive that Christian tourists with crosses on their necks come here specifically to deny our religion? We detest anti-Zionists like Jimmy Carter coming to Israel, but those tourists reject the foundation of Zionism: Jewish faith. They go to Golgotha where their deity was executed—and all of them believe he was executed by us, and that we Jews shouted, “Let his blood be on us and our children.” Before feeling sorry about Shulhan Aruch lambasting Christians, ask them first about the decuman wave of Jew-hatred in their own scriptures, which they are coming to our country to venerate. And yes, this is our country, not an “international enclave.” When they could, they razed our synagogues and yeshivas, and it’s unimaginable that now we allow their churches to dot our holy city. Still more obscene, Israelis sing “Jerusalem of Gold” praising the Muslim gold domes and Christian bells’ chime. Even this is nothing compared to welcoming high-ranking Germans with an Israeli military (!) band playing “Deutschland Uber Alles.”

Tourism is a source of income, that’s what you think? Better recall Voltaire, a wise anti-Semite who remarked correctly that should the Jews get their own state, they would sell it.

More Jews were murdered in the name of Jesus than on the orders of Hitler—who was approved by Christian clerics. The Germans only carried the Christian ideas to their logical conclusion. Up to then, royal defenders of Christianity only expelled us, but murder is more logical. It does not matter whether Jesus was a good Jew or the founder of the worst anti-Semitic movement ever. We detest Wagner’s music not on its merits (and it is very bad), but because Hitler loved it. Christianity is not a theoretical discourse to be judged on its merits, but a deadly practical weapon against Jews.

Churches in Jerusalem are a celebration of Auschwitz.