We are discussing the Iranian nuclear program again. I cannot believe people’s stupidity. Not stupidity, actually. Cowardice.

Sure, Iran is not Iraq. I understand that. The Iranian program is dispersed. But we know lots of their facilities for sure and can estimate the rest with better than 80% accuracy. Bomb them all.

What really drives me mad is ignoring the North Korean nuclear program. Iran might or might not show some responsibility with nuclear weapons (I believe it would use them soon). Korea, however, is totally, utterly irresponsible—and desperate. It sells missiles and will surely sell the bomb to Muslims, to terrorists, to any bidder.

I don’t mind if Asia plunges into the nuclear arms race per se, but only inasmuch as it threatens Israel. And threaten it will. Call me apocalyptic, but I’m sure Israel is running out of time. The bomb which will be smuggled into Tel Aviv is being produced now.