But we are coming back to the Iran affair almost daily. A lemming told me today that Iran is unlikely to use weapons against Israel. Got it? Unlikely! How unlikely? An eighty percent chance? Thirty?

Israel is not America or Russia. Stop applying others’ military doctrines to her uncritically. Other countries have depth; they can take chances. Israel does not. One bomb detonated in one of their cities is statistically nothing for the United States or Russia. It is everything for crowded Israel. It is the last everything.

If Iran gets nuclear weapons, Jews should get out. A 30% chance is too much. The Holocaust already destroyed two thirds of us. We must save the rest. No, the lemmings won’t.

And how silly is it to talk about chances! Who can imagine that nuclear Iran won’t have a mad ruler in, say, a century? Just one. They have already had a few. They can be in peace and charity with Israel for decades. Just one mad ruler would use the bomb. Just one. Others will be good.

Firearms were considered ungentlemanly. European, Chinese, and Japanese gentlemen condemned them. But the brutes used them, and the brutes won.

It is not a matter of probability whether Iran, Korea, and Pakistan will use their bombs. It is a matter of how fast probability accrues: in years or decades. At any rate, it accrues fast. Any nuclear bombs Muslims have will end up in Israel. No doubt.