Israeli public is not leaning to the left but, on the contrary, abandons the early socialist leanings. Trade union is alive only on state-owned sectors of economy. Leftist parties are in free fall. Israelis support the strongest measures against our Arab enemies. Not even the leftists protested extensive bombing of Lebanese civilians in 2006. Referenda universally show that Israeli Jews, including the left, strongly prefer to live without Arabs.

Menahem Begin, the venerated leader of Jewish militant group Irgun, was elected to replace the leftist leadership; he conceded Sinai to Egypt to the peace that exists only on paper. Itzhak Shamir, of Lehi (the Stern Gang), stood up to his electoral agenda, and staunchly refused to talk to Arabs; toward the end of his term, even he showed the signs of political weakness. Rabin was elected because he promised tough stance on the Arab issue and no concessions; in the office, he immediately reneged on electoral promises. For all the hype which surrounded Rabin’s execution, Netanyahu won the next election on the platform of denouncing the Oslo madness; he also lied, and proceeded to disburse Jewish land to Arabs. Sharon, the most charismatic mainstream right-winger, was elected to crush the Palestinian insurgency; he abandoned Gaza to Arabs. Indicting Israeli prime ministers for fraudulent electoral promises is a welcome, but not realistic option.

Israeli population is remarkably religious. After the atheist brainwashing of Soviet and Israeli schools, Jews are still averse to Shabbat work, though not in the Talmudic sense. Many, probably most, fast on Yom Kippur and celebrate the high holidays to a degree.

Leftist traitors and right-wing crooks combine with Arab MK’s to vote against the wishes of the majority of Israeli Jews. The desperate Jewish crowds will have many politicians to hang.