Unnoticed by Western analysts, Iran became a drastically different country. Khomeini led a closed totalitarian state. At the end, population hated him enough that still in 2001 Iranians went to the streets to support America after 9/11. Ahmadinejad created a popular regime. Iranians are relaxed, travel abroad – even Iranian Jews travel to Israel without fear of being accused of spying. No resentment against the rulers, like in Arab countries. Iranians are devilishly smart. They won’t start the war, but would provide a nuclear shield for Hezbollah. Iran seeks to reestablish itself as Muslim hegemon, and patiently creates Shiite axis. Iran is unconcerned about Israel; anti-Zionism is only PR move, a flag to rally other Muslims which otherwise resent Persian dominance. Iran might not be a bad choice; Israel is better off dealing with civilized Iran than with the Arabs of semi-nomadic mentality. The West could help Iran to ascend in Muslim world, starting with joint efforts on pacifying Iraq.

Russia announced interesting news, that it suspends all work on the Iranian reactor because of payment delinquency. The amounts involved are not major. It might be that Iran and Russia found a face-saving way to stop the Iranian nuclear program.

Not so bad Iran