After the world has pushed for the Palestinian unity government, many voices on the Israeli right call to fan the factional strife, instead. The Palestinian entity, busy with its own problems and lacking a recognized leader, would be unable to press Israel for concessions. In fact, Palestinians don’t press Israel; Europeans press on behalf of Arabs. That pressure won’t cease because of a factional fight. Warring Palestine will claim more media slots than the dull Arab place it is now. Civil war in Palestine won’t convince the leftists the place is not ready for statehood and never will. There is no chance of making a big Hamas-PLO strife. Both factions share the donors, some members and much of its support base. Hamas sympathizers often laud Abbas but resent Fatah. Palestine is too small for a good civil war. There are not enough places to hide, too few routes, and no economic basis of insurrection other than foreign donors. Civil strife will bring the population still closer to Hamas. In the time of insecurity, people long for safety regardless of the political platform. Safety in Palestine ultimately depends on Hamas which will overcome Fatah both in direct confrontation and insurrection. Stirring civil war in Palestine makes sense as a step toward its annexation; better to have a weak enemy. If Israel doesn’t plan to annex Palestine now, saturating Gaza with UN peacekeepers is worthwhile.