I’m not a racist; I’m an isolationist. As such, I’m sensitive to other people’s desire to be left alone. Jews not only insist on living in other nations’ lands, accepting and even subsidizing Arabs in our own land; we also spearhead liberal movements bent on forcing integration on other countries. After communists and Judenrats, I’m most of all ashamed of the Jewish liberals who champion minorities’ rights in America.
The minorities in question are not religious Jews, or even Jews at all, but blacks and Hispanics. The problem exists on several planes. The white Americans’ attitude toward local blacks is not Jewish business. Jews have no right to dictate to Americans how to behave in regard to blacks. Contrary to their delusions, these liberals don’t promote a humanitarian image of Jews, but stir up anti-Semitism. In every anti-Jewish campaign throughout history, only a small part of the population joined while the majority kept silent. Jewish liberals further antagonize that active minority, which is the most dangerous.

Through affirmative action, the minorities’ rights turn into their right to oppress the majority. American blacks receive many social and public goods, from employment to layoff protection to university admittance to preferential consideration for loans—at the expense of other peoples. Not discriminating against blacks is a right thing, but so is non-discrimination against whites—including Jews.

There is no such thing as minority rights. Humans have some basic natural rights irrespective of race: the right to life, liberty, and property. There is no right to a job, education, or home mortgage.
Marx correctly predicted that capitalist societies would mutate into socialist ones on their own, with no revolution necessary. That has long been the case in his native Western Europe, but the wave of socialism has covered the US, too. Which is only natural: democracies from Rome to America have embraced populism, and consequently the welfare economy.