The notion of a Jew-only state drives many people mad. A state without enemies is deemed too much for the Jews. Someone has to be there to make life difficult for them. It was ok for American settlers to drive out the Red Indians, but not ok for the Jews to act similarly. Leftists of the world lauded the Soviet empire which massively resettled non-Slavic peoples, and hardly whispered a condemnation about Chinese policies of ethnic cleansing. Ethnic states were recently sanctioned in the former Yugoslavia, and the world saw the bloody effect of refusing to sanction them earlier.

It is fashionable to assert that the time for brutalities has gone, and the states could no longer establish themselves by driving the aborigines away. Many African tribal states engage in just such policy, but the West is not aroused. Only arrogantly apocalyptic mindset could assert that the natural order of things lost relevance in our time; states are created the old-fashioned way of iron and blood – preferably, enemies’ blood. Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, staunchly supported by America, pushed ethnic Russian population out, and so did the US ally Kazakhstan.

Throughout the history, ethnic cleansing was employed not out of wanton cruelty. No people are happy when foreigners invade their land, and tend to fight back. In the age of nationalism, such discontent is stronger – and dangerously implacable. A sane nation which embarks on statehood, cannot afford to leave hostile aborigines inside the newly founded state.

The Jews don’t even claim a normally sized country, but a speck of land less than a county. The British carved for Jordan a territory three times the size of Israel, and Jordan expelled the West Bank Palestinian refugees to no objection of the world. Leftists create rationalist models of excellent societies, and resent the realities. Nation is the ultimate reality which rebuffs the leftist constructs of international community, worldwide proletariat, and the like. The concept of nationhood broke the leftist attempts at universal peace, brotherhood, and order. Leftists hate nations.

Exclusivist states do exist: mono-religious Vatican and Saudi Arabia, mono-ideological (republican democracy) United States, mono-cultural Russia with its ubiquitous Slavic and Christian Orthodox symbolic. What’s wrong with a mono-ethnic state? The very countries – Christian and Muslim – that for centuries forced the Jews to live in closed ghettos now object to the Jewish isolation in our own state.

states do away with aborigines