Our real problem is Jews, not Arabs. Palestinian guerrillas are a nuisance; they cannot defeat the Jewish state. Jews can. Israel originally attracted only Jews with a pioneer mentality who overcame barriers to enter the land. Even the post-WWII aliyah was zealous: Jews who preferred safety stayed in Europe. Brainwashing in Israeli schools and the huge economically motivated Russian aliyah of the 1980s and 90s turned Israel into a ghetto. Most Jews are still passively normal: they want a state without Arabs, favor overwhelming reprisals, detest Arabs, and respect religiosity. That’s not enough: passively normal Jews cannot counter the active Left. Leftists come to power on the heels of massive propaganda and Arab votes. They are not supported by the Jewish majority, but only the result matters: leftists reign. Actively normal right-wing Jews cannot hope to change the balance in Israel, short of a major civil war (which would not be an unwelcome prospect). For now, Jewish normalcy is doomed in Tel Aviv and the beachside Israel. Normal Jews can build a normal Jewish state only in leftist-free areas—the settlements.

Instead of trying to change Israeli politics, normal Jews should develop the autonomy of the settlements, with the goal of eventually expanding that autonomy into the state of Judea—at Arab expense.