The Democrats’ imposition of a deadline for withdrawal from Iraq could be a responsible act of defiance of the President’s wrong policy, but realisitcally it is farce. Democrats could afford such a gesture because Bush will veto it. When things go sour in Iraq, Democrats will refer to their attempt to end the fiasco. Their responsibility is zero because the bill would not be implemented.
If Democrats are so concerned about American lives and money, why not withdraw from Iraq immediately or, as their budget power allows, in early 2008? Whether Iraq plunges into chaos now or in 2009, makes no difference. There is no way that any peaceful balance between Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds could be achieved in a year.
The withdrawal timeline, if accepted by Bush, would provide a clear signal to the militants: not only hold on a bit longer, but also make a final push to gain tactical advantages in the relatively calm situation now before the major battle unfolds after the US troops leave. The Democrats’ bill is a victory for insurgents: de jure, they have pushed Great Satan out of Iraq. They could even keep quite for a year and devote their time to training and military build-up, and wait for the US to leave.
Bush is wrong on Iraq. The Democrats are demagogic.