The Israeli government aimlessly vacillates between withdrawing from Judea and Samaria and pounding Hezbollah for pushing the same. The poor government finds it easier to kill than to see that Hezbollah’s goals are essentially the Israeli government’s own. The conflict with Hezbollah is, therefore, indecisive.

And so the Israeli government hints that it would welcome UN involvement in Lebanon. Treat the guys for amnesia. We already had UN troops here many times. They only let the other side re-arm behind the UN shield and promptly retreat when the other side is sufficiently armed. UN soldiers on vacation fill the streets of Israeli towns like an occupying army. What is Israel, a ghetto to be guarded against the hostile mob? What can UN peacekeepers do that the IDF cannot? Or can the UN prevent Iranian Revolutionary Guards masking as Hezbollah from firing long-range missiles over the peacekeepers’ heads?

The UN peacekeepers are naturally more involved with the Arabs because Israel does not normally breach cease-fires. Close cooperation often transform into affection, and the UN peddles anti-Israeli propaganda and retails Arab tales of Israeli atrocities. The UN camps will become a veritable Mecca for journalists. When a dog bites a man, that is not news. When Arabs shell Israel, that is no news, either. Journalists will seek out Israeli atrocities and will smear Israel all the more.

UNRWA will see a good place to waste some more money and will quickly set up new camps and points for treating victims of “Israeli aggression.” Another permanently news-worthy place. A military zoo. Foreign correspondents can see the war and its effects in perfect safety and reasonable comfort. Cowards will flock to write about the Arab-Israeli war. With the predictable bias.

Keep the UN troops out.