The Israeli ruling establishment buys off the opposition or destroys it. Religious parties are bribed with massive subsidies to their electorate, and they vote in the government in tandem with left-wingers. The real opposition leaders, such as Meir Kahane or Rehavam Zeevi, are assassinated by Arab hands. The establishment routinely resorts to falsifications and provocations against its enemies. Kach, the conservative opposition party, was banned after one of its members, prominent Israeli doctor Baruch Goldstein, killed a number of Arabs during the riot in the Cave of the Patriarchs. According to the police, Goldstein somehow shot 154 Arabs with 105 bullets. It has never occurred to anyone to ban any other party because one of its members committed a crime. The assassination of Rabin was similarly used to justify a sweeping witch-hunt against Israeli conservatives, even though it was Shin-Bet’s provocateur that convinced Yigal Amir to shoot at Rabin. The video shows Rabin standing up and walking freely after being critically wounded, and there was the famous mishap with the Israeli police producing a blood-stained sheet with “peace song” from Rabin’s chest pocket—with one bullet hole, though a folded sheet must have had four holes. And anyway there wasn’t any bullet hole near the chest. It became necessary to assassinate Rabin after he turned to the right, denounced the peace process, and declared in his last Knesset speech that the Jewish state must include the Jordan Valley. Rabin subsequently was promoted to “peace saint,” and Israel developed a cult of Rabin on par with the Russian worship of Stalin. Israel formally excludes from the Knesset as “racists” conservative politicians who dare pose an uncomfortable question: will the Jewish state eventually have to accommodate a Muslim majority?

Liberal governments believe it’s illegal to manipulate taxpayers’ opinion on the taxpayers’ account. Officially, Western governments refrain from domestic propaganda. Not so with Israel, which runs an immense propaganda machine called “hasbara.” The Israeli propaganda apparatus originally addressed foreign audiences, but unable to compete with CNN, BBC, et al., it switched to a domestic audience, assuring the people of the benefits of the fictional peace process and setting some Israelis against others. The state’s propaganda systematically disseminates falsehoods, such as that Jewish villagers in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza live off government subsidies—of which they in fact receive nearly none. Similar lies are spread about religious Jews, and then villagers and religious Jews are lumped together as the archetypal enemy of the people. Jewish villagers in Judea and Samaria are falsely presented as predominantly religious to frame the abandonment of Judea in the “peace process” as “us (secular) against them (religious).” The propaganda machine has been used extensively against political opponents, most notoriously in the silencing and smearing of Meir Kahane in the manner of a Stalinist show trial.

Israelis don’t support their government. Olmert’s government was voted into office by only 13 percent of eligible voters, and its support has eroded since. Israelis voted for the Rabin who promised a hard line against the Palestinians, “to block them in Gaza to eat each other like spiders in a can,” the Rabin who ordered the army to break the hands and legs of Palestinian teenagers in the Intifada—not Rabin the peacemaker. Little did they know that while Rabin promised Jews a hard line, Yossi Beilin promised concessions to Abu Mazen in Cairo in exchange for the PLO’s endorsement. Israelis voted for Netanyahu, who promised to repeal the Oslo agreements; he instead gave Hebron to the Arabs. Barak was voted into the office as “Mr. Security”  before abandoning Lebanon to Hezbollah and offering Arafat Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and even Jerusalem. Israelis of course didn’t vote for the Barak who would give Arafat the only viable gas field in Israel, near Ashkelon, ostensibly to make the Palestinians self-sufficient, but actually to crookedly pass the gas field to BG Corporation and skip Israeli tender. Israelis voted for Sharon, the ultra-tough military governor of Gaza, the person who ended terrorism there, not for the Sharon who would evict 8,000 Jewish villagers from their homes in Gush Katif. Israel reduces the right of petitioning the government to farce. Half a million Israelis participated in protests against Sharon’s disengagement, which abandoned Gaza to Hamas, but their opinion was ignored.

Jews overwhelmingly reject gay parades and the partition of Jerusalem, and don’t believe in peace with Muslims. Most Israelis observe high holidays, Shabbat, and kosher laws at least superficially. Peace Now, which is so popular in the US, is a marginal ultra-left group in Israel, spat upon even by the left. The defeatist left-wing marginals receive disproportionate media coverage and enjoy huge subsidies from EU organizations. The real enemies of the Jewish establishment are religious and nationalist Jews, not Arabs. Arabs are easy to deal with by military measures, but religious and nationalist Jews undermine the legitimacy of the assimilated, post-socialist government, which retains no trace of Jewishness.