Jews are smart and traditionally have been weak. Thus the national proclivity for scheming. Jews proudly recall historical examples of successful scheming, but forget that there have been many more defeats. The Jews who concluded treaties with Assyria, Rome, and Persia thought that they had outsmarted their enemies. Poland, France, Russia—the list of defective partnerships is endless. The errors often degenerated into bloody pogroms, but in the end Gentile governments interfered, and preserved the remnants of domestic Jewry. The situation is different in Israel. By the time the West interfered—even supposing it would—Arabs could overrun Israel. Gentile governments have acted as last-resort protectors of Jews against annihilation, but won’t shield Israel against assimilation or loss of sovereignty. A Jewish state presupposes Jewish responsibility, with no other recourse or room for errors.

Israelis believe they can outsmart the Arabs. That the Palestinians would be satisfied with a minuscule state cut into two parts while the Jews thrive across the border on the land the Palestinians consider theirs. That Israeli Arabs would be content with institutional discrimination when they cannot obtain prestigious ministerial appointments. That Israeli Arabs would take Jewish money and accept the token Jewishness of Israel, be it the Jew-only Law of Return or the very Jewish anthem, The Hope. Outsmarting an opponent, like every lie, is a short-term tactic. It works—if at all—when the winner can fix the achievements, and the loser cannot demand a return to status quo ante. Israel wrongly presumes that politically correct Western-leaning Jewish politicians have outfoxed the artful Arabs. Israel is still more wrong to presume that the temporary Arab acquiescence to Jewish dominance will last long.

Israelis want to solve the problems with tricks, such as awarding Israeli citizenship to all the Diaspora Jews by default. In theory, that should inflate the number of Jewish Israeli voters and permanently offset the problem of Arab demographics. That’s apartheid, and Israeli Arabs would reasonably demand similar extension of citizenship to the West Bank’s and other Palestinians. The inclusion of the Diaspora Jews in Israeli voting is risky, given the swelling numbers of Reformist Jews who lean to the left. American Jews have little knowledge or understanding of events in Israel, and cannot meaningfully vote. Their opinion is shaped by al-CNN and leftist Jewish leaders; don’t forget the overwhelming support in the US for Rabin’s Oslo betrayal. It seems immoral for Jews in New York to decide on issues of safety and taxes for Israeli Jews. The voting rights of the Diaspora Jews could be limited to basic issues such as the country’s size. A nominal tax on foreign Jews, like the Temple’s half-shekel, would be a must. Other countries grant citizenship to their non-resident nationals, such as the French in Algiers, but no country comes close to a situation in which 2/3 of its citizens reside abroad. The Diaspora Jews hardly vote in the World Zionist Organization’s elections, or even in the US national elections, and there’s little reason to expect them to be active in Israeli elections beyond the first euphoria. Diaspora voting is opium that soothes the symptoms rather than treats the illness.

Israeli problems have to be solved by Israeli Jews. Legal trickery won’t solve the Arab problem. Transferring the Arabs to Jordan is the only solution to keep Israel a Jewish state.