Grown people have criticized adolescents throughout the ages as immoral, lazy, money-hungry, and worse. The adolescents grew up and similarly criticized their children. Teenagers don’t have our values, but neither did we have those values when were young. Values are a product of extreme indoctrination or long-term personal development. Israeli children are not ardent Zionists like their parents, but what Russian or American Jew was an ardent Zionist at the age of fourteen? Titans like Zhabotinsky made some teenagers into Jewish zealots, but most people distill their values later on in life. Children are even more superficial than adults, and go for shiny objects: music stars, glamorous living, etc. Life will soon break their hopes to become a new Madonna or for a villa in Beverly Hills, and they will start looking for alternative goals. They will come to the Jewish idea, and will do so from much better starting position than their parents. Israeli children lack the Exile mentality (fear), and the excuse-me-for-being-alive attitude. They know how to hate. They hate Arabs. Later, they will look to rationalize that hatred, and they will embrace Zionism, not ethnic-blind democracy.

no problem with children