What does it take to beat Jews with metal clubs? It takes Israeli police, and it happened in Amona.

It is the stereotyped image of a Nazi or a Ukrainian smashing a Jew. Jews proved not to be inferior to Nazis in smashing their brothers. Are we brothers? Do we share values, religion, and goals? Do we even understand Jewishness similarly? What makes us brothers?

Would we address a Jewish murderer or rapist as “my brother”? As a traitor? The universal Jewish brotherhood is a convenient fiction of anti-Semites and Israeli rulers.

On other hand, the happenings in Amona were moderate. The police did not shoot at the crowd or maim the demonstrators. Girls were intimidated, but not significantly assaulted sexually. The protesters were charged with horses, but not overrun. Few were arrested for considerable time: the clear crime of opposing the police went unpunished. Our adversaries feel somewhat restrained by the idea of Jewish brotherhood. We should use that.

The Israeli government is not ready for large-scale violence against Jews. The media tolerates sporadic suppression of the nationalists, but continual clashes would undermine the government’s international credibility. Many people, foreign Christians included, support the Jewish idea rather than the Israeli government. Conservative Jews could exploit the government’s restraint twofold.

First, mobilize whatever media we can, down to the blogs; create an outcry, however squeaky, against the government’s oppression of the Jewish idea. Second, press the government. Taking a few club blows isn’t a major thing—many other Jews have suffered much more for their faith and ideals.

People obey moral restraints until they have been broken once or twice; then restraints fall. It is hard to kill one’s first enemy—the subsequent are easier. Similarly, the Jews will find it hard to disobey the government the first several times. Then, the situation will change. The protesters will know that opposing the government is possible and not very dangerous. The government’s credibility and deterrence factor will dwindle. Nationalist policemen will not hide their approval of the victorious protesters.

Many political leftists oppose economic leftism. Israeli conservatives could attract them with our free-market agenda, which is especially relevant against the background of Israeli socialism.

Leftists should be systematically shamed out of the Israeli army and police because they ostensibly repress the Arabs. Conservatives should hold incessant vigils demanding prosecution of the policemen who behaved cruelly against settlers. It is a must to undermine the resolve of the police to break the defense of “illegal” settlements.

Amona was defended in Boy Scout fashion. The next clash with the government should be organized professionally, in “no step back” mode. The defenders need not come barehanded; clubs must be met with clubs, horses with horses, bulldozers with tractors, and firearms must be answered in kind.

The Israeli government is ripping the Jewish idea apart piece by piece: Sinai, Palestinian Autonomy, Gaza, and Judea and Samaria. Otherwise decent Jews think every time that “it’s not the end,” and do nothing. No concession to the government is too small. Zero tolerance of government encroachment on Judaism is the only winning strategy. When the police arrest activists, thousands of other Jews must block the police station until the prisoners are unconditionally released. They cannot arrest all of us, nor could they force employers to fire so many people.

Russian revolutionaries killed the tsar and various ministers. Irgun killed Jewish traitors. The nationalist Jews cannot settle for peaceful opposition.