“The range of American policy options in the region is reduced to two alternatives, both disagreeable: Get tough or get out.” Bernard Lewis, National Review

The example of South Africa is inapplicable to Israel. African Blacks have a certain snobbish respect for the whites. The Blacks massacred one another, but proved reluctant to annihilate whites even in Rhodesia; the stereotype of white masters is strongly imprinted on the cognitive framework of African Blacks. South Africa, therefore, can so far pursue a policy of implicit apartheid where the Blacks are politically equal but economically doomed, and thus unimportant. It remains to be seen whether that system is sustainable or whether the Blacks, like other nations, will eventually disregard its economic advantages and do away with their masters. Arabs have two stereotypes of Jews: European colonial masters and submissive dhimmi. Israeli Arabs embrace the first stereotype, Islamic radicals the latter. Growing Arab nationalism is quickly eroding colonial stereotypes and encouraging the Arabs to fight the Jewish colonizers. The Arab mentality is very different from the Black: a sudden smile is a common sight in Africa, but is almost never seen among the Arabs. Arabs retain the Bedouin mentality of murderous hyenas and won’t follow the South African path of submitting to a nominally binational state. And the real equality? It won’t happen both because Arabs are inherently unproductive and because the notion of a Jewish state presumes Jewish institutional dominance. A quarter of Europeans answers in polls that there are too many Jews around (something like 0.1 percent). The Jews in Israel are irritatingly many for Arabs.

Another crucial difference between Israel and South Africa is the mentality of whites. Boers are tough as early kibbutzniks and cynical as Hoffjuden. They consciously pursue white economic colonialism in South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and other neighboring countries. The Israeli ruling clique—from leftist academics to activist justices to politicians lacking a shred of aptitude for strategic thinking—cannot handle a cynical policy in regard to the Arabs. Blinded by their own pronouncements, Israeli leftists demand real equality and even affirmative action for Arabs. Ben Gurion and a few later leaders conducted a very South African policy when they trumpeted equality and pushed Arabs out of Israel. Before the 1970s, the Israeli left was economically leftist but politically rightist. The right wing’s rise to power prompted the Left to shift to the political left. In order to differentiate itself from Likud on Arab issues (how could it oppose Likud in elections if their platforms were similar?), Avodah embraced political leftism and a pro-Arab attitude. Originally, the leftist slogans of ethnic-blind democracy were only intended for the Jewish masses, and Avodah beefed up the settlements and oppressed the Arabs. Eventually the pressure of Arab voters, leftist academics, and politically correct public opinion abroad caused Avodah to accept total equality of Jews and Arabs; in order to achieve such equality from the status quo ante, Avodah conducted pro-Arab policies. Businessmen from Israeli security services act along the South African model of economic colonization, but overall the Israeli establishment succumbed to moral idealism and the fear of politically incorrect moves.

Boers, who have lived in South Africa for centuries, are nationalists certain of their right to the country. Israeli politicians are contemptuous of their Jewish origin and biblical right to the country, and eager to please foreign political associates by trampling upon Jewish values. Boers have a pioneer mentality, but Jewish rulers have the mentality of petty, frightened schemers. Jews cannot balance our country between nominal ethnic equality and actual economic differentiation, between outward political correctness and practical segregation, between declared peacefulness and ruthless economic imperialism backed by fighter aircraft.

Whether the South African model of pseudo-equality is sustainable or not, Jews are not up to practicing it. We need something simpler.

The transfer of Arabs, for example.

no Boers in the Knesset