The Final Solution wasn’t a German invention, but a collaborative effort by the Christian world.

Christian Russia thought about some kind of Final Solution in the nineteenth century. The Russian government was receptive to Zionist leaders because they offered to rid Russia of Jews. The Russian government prompted waves of pogroms. In the early twentieth century in Ukraine, government forces annihilated the Jews in numbers only exceeded in the Holocaust.

Then came Stalin. He was deeply anti-Semitic, but allowed Jews into the most visible—and hated—positions in the communist hierarchy. Stalin committed a disastrous strategic error by partitioning Poland with Germany: the absence of that buffer state in June 1941 allowed the Germans to extinguish the Russian army in a matter of days. The only reason for partitioning Poland was to pass Jewish towns into German hands. Indeed, Germany and Russia carved Poland specifically the way that major Jewish population centers fell to Germans. Russians supported Nazi Germany until the very day it launched its offensive against the Soviet Union; Germany thrived on Russian iron, grain, and many other products.

The Russian government knew about the Germans’ annihilating the Jews in the conquered Soviet Union from day one, from the burning of Jews in Byalostok, but didn’t warn the Jews to flee for their lives—which they still had enough time to do, even on foot. Ukrainian, Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Russian, and Byelorussian populations assisted the Germans in hunting down, rounding up, and massacring the Jews. Most European Christian nations showed similar zeal in helping the Germans to finish the Jews off. Evidently on Stalin’s orders, the Soviet Army avoided bombing the death camps during the massive bombing raids into German-occupied Eastern Europe. Primo Levi testifies to daily bombings of “work” camps around Auschwitz, but not a bomb touched the death camp itself.

Immediately after WWII, when some Jews appeared to be saved, the Russians envisaged a new solution: the Jewish state. Stalin’s support for establishing Israel is only intelligible as a means of annihilating the Jews. Stalin didn’t mean Israel to be a socialist beachhead in the Middle East: despite the fact the many Israeli Jews were socialists, their leadership deeply resented anti-Semitic Russia, and except for the fringe communists, few Jews supported closer ties with the Stalinist state. Stalin had a much better bet with post-colonialist Muslim countries: Egypt, Syria, and Iraq. It would be absurd for Russia to support Israel against the wishes of Arabs who possessed both human and territorial mass. The pattern of Russian arms sales to Israel in the War of Independence confirms that Stalin meant Israel to be a deathtrap for Jews: Russia only supplied Israel (through Czechoslovakia) outdated light weapons, primitive artillery, and some useless trophy aircraft with no spare parts (defending Tel Aviv in March 1948, three out of four Messerschmitt-109 aircraft were downed in the first raid). That was enough to prolong the war with the Arabs and make it bitter, but hardly enough to win it.

Had the Soviet Union wished for a Jewish victory, it could have supplied tanks, artillery, and aircraft (Stalin opposed the shipment of a meager sixty Spitfire jets through Yugoslavia), or simply sent a message to Arab capitals that the hugely respected USSR stood behind the Jewish state. Czechoslovakia also supplied advanced weapons to Arabs (including 8,000 automatic rifles and 200 machine guns in a single shipment to Syria; the Lino affair). Many Soviet Jews (notably Dragunsky, later the official leader of Soviet anti-Semites) volunteered to fight for Israel but were not allowed to go. Overall, Soviet support for Israel was almost non-existent compared to the massive aid extended to Spanish communists fighting Franco, to Angola, and many other insurrections. When Israel survived, Russia began a major anti-Semitic campaign which culminated in the 1953 witch hunt against Jews and the wholesale deportation of Jews to the coldest place in Siberia—the very place Germans had earmarked for starving the Jews before proceeding to eliminate us in the death camps. Stalin died just days before the scheduled deportation.

Britain prompted the most notorious Arab massacres of Jews: in Jerusalem, Hebron, and Tiberias the British pointedly withdrew their police forces. Jews were massively persecuted, murdered, and extradited to Germany in French- and British-influenced Muslim countries: Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, and Morocco. The British refused safe haven in Palestine to the Jews fleeing the Holocaust. Earlier, the British had offered Jews the opportunity to settle in Uganda; likewise, the Germans thought of resettling the Jews in Mozambique and the Russians considered Siberia. (Uganda, a country with no Jews, evolved viciously anti-Semitic; the Entebbe affair took place there.) Later, Britain provided the PLO with safe haven in its protectorate of Kuwait.

The Jewish American establishment, an assimilated bunch of court Jews who prosper by selling the souls of their compatriots, pretended to doubt the scale of the German massacre of Jews. They lied. Every Pole around Maidanec or Auschwitz knew what was going on there: they saw the trainloads of Jews entering the death camps and empty trains coming out. Post-war interviews with the Poles confirm their unequivocal knowledge about the massacre. No doubt that information, among other reports, was passed to Jewish “leaders.” At least from early 1944, they knew about the extermination of Hungarian Jewry: the Germans made their plans very clear to the Zionists, who refused even so little as to supply trucks, coffee beans, and money to the Germans in exchange for the entire Hungarian Jewry. But at least the Jewish barons could claim ignorance.

The US Administration had the benefit of vast intelligence, and certainly knew about the ongoing extermination of Jews, if only from regular Enigma intercepts of German communications, which included the exact numbers of massacred Jews. The US refused even to bomb the death camps. Before WWII, when the extent of German institutional anti-Semitism was clear, and British and American newspapers ran articles about the immense suffering of the Jews, the US refused entry visas to fleeing Jews and deliberately made a comedy out of the Evian conference, which meant to find the Jews foreign asylum.

The Americans, British, and Russians maintained radio broadcasts for German-occupied countries, but not a single time did any of them mention the ongoing extermination of Jews. That silence allowed the Germans to keep shipping trainloads of unsuspecting Jews to Auschwitz until as late as autumn of 1944. Had they known their fate from the authoritative radio, they could have fled for their lives, fought for their deaths, or commited suicide for their dignity.

The UN partition plan of 1947 was no boon to Jews, but meant to complete the Final Solution. The Jewish state was broken into three isolated enclaves, interspersed with Arab territory. The three “Jewish” enclaves contained 40 percent Arab populations. Thus the UN Security Council’s Christian members ensured attacks on Israel both from without and from within. The Jews were to be annihilated.

Nothing has changed since the Holocaust. In 1967, as the Arab armies were massing at Israel’s borders, as the IDF was digging thousands of graves open for Jewish bodies, as common Israelis thought in terms of the Holocaust—what did the world do? Nothing. Nasser and the Syrians were explicit about their intentions to annihilate all the Jews rather than merely dismantle the Zionist state. The world screamed at Israel in disappointment when she preempted and survived.

In 1973, as the Egyptian army was seemingly poised to enter Tel Aviv in a matter of days, the American Jewish leaders did not lead mass rallies demanding US intervention: America, after all, had fought on behalf of Koreans, Vietnamese, and Kuwaitis. European Jewish leaders did not chain themselves to presidential palaces in their respective capitals to demand the right of overfly for Israeli resupply aircraft: Europe closed its skies to the military supplies desperately procured by the fledging Jewish state. When the world, including Jewish assimilationist organizations, beats its collective chest and says, “Never again!” remember that “again” has already happened.

It is incorrect to say that the world learned nothing from the Holocaust. It learned a tremendously important thing: murdering millions of Jews is socially acceptable. A handful of Germans were hanged, but most ex-Nazis led respectable lives and worked in government offices. Just years after the Holocaust, Germany opened its embassy in Israel and was welcomed into the community of nations. To talk about the Holocaust to a German is now indecent, as it may offend his sensitive soul. So the nations learned, it is okay to kill Jews.

In 1947, the US originally voted for establishing the Jewish state. When fighting between Arabs and Jews subsequently flared up, the US withdrew its UN vote in favor of Israel, leaving the Jewish state one-on-one with Arab militias. To add insult to injury, the US banned American Jews from going to Israel to fight, and embargoed arms shipments to Palestine. That didn’t affect the Arabs, who received arms supplies through other ports—notably in Egypt—and from Iraq and Syria. In effect, the arms embargo targeted Israel. The US voted for the UNSC resolution condemning Soviet arms shipments to Israel.

The US reiterated its policy of annihilating Israel in 1956. After Israel, besieged by fedayeen attacks for eight years, cleansed Sinai of the Egyptian militia, the US intervened, ordered Israel to halt, offered military aid to Egypt, and threatened direct intervention on Egypt’s behalf. Eisenhower pressed Israel to withdraw from the Sinai, promising the US would always intervene to keep the Tiran Straits open. He lied; in 1967 America not only refused intervention on Israel’s behalf, but prepared operational plans for landing the US Navy in the Sinai to defend Egypt against the Jewish army. Before the Six-Day War, US foreign policy was geared toward buying Egypt time to launch an offensive against Israel. The US-led UN withdrew its peacekeeping troops from the Sinai immediately upon Nasser’s demand.

In 1973, the US intervened only to counter the Soviet influence in the Middle East which grew exponentially with Egypt’s early victories and Soviet deployment of nuclear missiles in defense of Egypt. The US aid to Israel came too late to be used in the war. European Christian countries—NATO members—refused flyover rights to US planes, preventing military supplies from reaching the Jewish state.

The US provides massive aid to the PLO, which is nominally intended for the terrorist Palestinian Authority. America sells advanced weapons to Egypt and Saudi Arabia, fakes nuclear disarmament of North Korea, and uses Israel as a pawn to placate Arabs with the suicidal peace process.

Bush is touted as the US president most favorable to Israel. Roosevelt, too, was very friendly to Jews—but did nothing to stop the Holocaust. Truman was very favorable to Jews, yet he almost killed the newborn Israel with an arms embargo. Decades later, Jews were surprised to discover anti-Semitic remarks in Truman’s diary.

The current peace process is a historically standard Christian policy against the Jews. Locked into a fourteen-mile-wide state, besieged by US-armed Arabs from without, watched by the fifth column of a 34 percent Arab population from within, the Jewish state is meant by the Quartet to become the Final Solution.

1947 UN partition map