“Bare Your holy arm and hasten the time of salvation.
Take retribution against the evil people on behalf of Your servants,
For deliverance has been too long delayed; there seems no end to the evil days.
Thrust the enemy into the darkness of death, and establish for us the seven Shepherds.”
Maoz Tzur song

Netanyahu’s meeting with Obama might enter the textbooks on psychiatry.

Obama showed the leftist syndrome: when a theory clashes with facts, to hell with the facts – and with the messenger. Facing rejection from Russia, Syria, and Iran, encountering mega-failures in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Lebanon Obama did not come to reevaluating his policies. Rather, he hates the inconvenient reality. In the crumbling world order, he seeks safety in the shell of his preconceptions.

Unable to defeat his enemies, Obama seeks victory on another front – against his friends. He abandoned the Eastern Europe and Central Asia to Russia, preferred democracy and Hezbollah to Saniora’s government in Lebanon, replaced Egypt as a linchpin of America’s Middle East policy with Iran, and sacrifices Israel. Obama could not further Islamists’ interests any better if he were on their payroll.

Pressed by Netanyahu, Obama actually hardened his pro-Iranian position: instead of ending at least the “first round” of negotiations by October, he now wants it to start by December. Psychiatrists would recognize the pattern immediately: the schizophrenic blames his troubles on the doctor and hates him. Split between theory and reality, Obama acts in a classical schizophrenic pattern.

The solution is well known: the interlocutor should not befriend the schizophrenic. Netanyahu must firmly oppose Obama instead of going along with him. Being Obama’s enemy is much more safe and profitable than his friend, as the ayatollahs can testify.

Why, indeed, Israel must submit to Obama’s whims? America might control the world, but with 45 Jews in the Congress who do you think controls America? What can Obama do upon hearing an F-word from Israeli prime minister?

The prime minister must call a press conference in the United States and address the American people directly. Most of them are sensible, many despise Obama, and a lot of his former supporters are disenchanted with him. Agreed, bombing Iran is not America’s business as the ayatollahs cannot threaten the Great Tempter. But at least the American people would understand that their president cannot tie our hands in defending ourselves.

The prime minister must turn the tables on Obama and isolate him as a political idiot. In a twenty-minute press conference, Obama’s fallacies will be evident to every Joe the Plumber. Besides, Netanyahu’s credibility in security matters is demonstrably higher than Obama’s. No holds should be barred: Jews must stress the absurdity of entrusting Hussein Obama with fighting Islamic expansion. The Judeo-Christianity’s fight against the encroaching Islam is a powerful notion even among atheists.

Obama cannot make the matters worse for Israel. With $900 million support for Fatah government which refuses recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, the appeasement of ayatollahs, inaction in the face of Taliban taking control over the locations of Pakistani reactors, and total acquiescence to North Korea’s nuclear program – what else can Obama conceivably do to harm Israel? He cannot end the American military support of Israel as it runs through the Congress. Obama would be politically unable to discontinue the aid to Israel while continuing it to Egypt and Palestine.

Obama can revoke export permissions with an executive order and stall the military resupply of Israel. That he would do anyway if we are at war with Arabs; the Hussein is no Nixon who shelved his contempt of Jews when he saw that we are fighting for survival. Instead of closing their eyes to the obvious, the IDF top brass must bent over backwards to stack the critical components so we won’t depend on Obama in wartime.

Like every crisis, this one presents an opportunity. Russia watches closely as Israeli relations with the US administration take a nose dive. Snatching Israel away from America is something the Russian rulers would die for – and certainly kill. Russian weapons are many times cheaper than the American ones, their quality is sufficient to defeat the Arabs, and Russian support is non-moralizing.

Netanyahu will only attack Iran if Israeli-Obama relations deteriorate to the point of no return.