How could Iran retaliate for destruction of its nuclear facilities? It arms anti-Israeli forces in Lebanon and Palestine, anyway, and extends worthless protection to Syria. If Iran launches Zelzal-2 from Lebanon against Tel Aviv, Israel would again flatten Beirut; the missiles launched from Iran core are easy to intercept. At any rate, damage to Israel from the Iranian reprisals would be less than the danger posed by the Shiite nuclear weapons. In the best-case scenario, Iran will react hysterically with the campaign of international terrorism and prompt Western invasion.

For all the ensuing rhetoric, other Muslims will be happy to lose a nuclear neighbor. Failure to destroy Iranian nuclear program would prompt other Muslim regimes to acquire nuclear weapons to counterbalance Iran. Nuclear Iran means nuclear Middle East, especially after the West demonstrates its impotence in imposing the sanctions. A sight of the Muslims nuking each other out would be heart-warming if not for the fallout effect on Israel and deliveries of loose nuclear bombs to America, Spain, and Israel.

Cowards and leftists recall the reported spiraling of Iraqi nuclear program after Israel bombed Osiraq. That is hardly an option for Iran which already strained its resources in the extensive nuclear program. Iraq was years from the bomb, Iran – months.

Destruction of Iran’s nuclear sites cannot make the situation worse for Israel. The Natanz site is too covered and dispersed for conventional bombing with limited number of aircraft. It should be attacked with nuclear weapons in order to contaminate the territory and equipment above the tolerable levels.