Opposition is just that, opposition. Whatever the incumbent’s policy, it should be opposed. And so Ms.Clinton urges negotiations with Iran. Britain, too, negotiated with Nazi Germany, and America – with Communist Vietnam. Negotiations do not work when one side is bent on war. To suggest, as she does, negotiations with Iran as a way to better understand and defeat the enemy is absurd. Clinton doesn’t tell a big mystery: what could America offer Iran? Lifting of sanctions? They would be lifted soon after Iran obtains nuclear weapons: alienating a major oil producer and nuclear power is risky. Clinton doesn’t realize that most people value other things above money: pride, nationalism, and religion. The US’ bargaining options are very limited: America could only offer money in various forms. That’s way too little.

Top Russian official Igor Ivanov shook hands with Ahmadinejad during the photo-opp. Ahmadinejad denied Holocaust and called for wiping Israel off. Russians have no problem with that. They also silenced the accounts of Holocaust perpetrated in Ukraine and Byelorussia, and helped Egypt and Syria to do away with Israel. Clinton wants to join a good company.