The equality of people is no more proven than their inequality. It is socially acceptable to detrimentally generalize about mothers-in-law or to dislike one’s neighbors. It’s okay to discuss the varying intelligence of various breeds of dogs, or to assert that one person is smarter than another. Leftists decry applying that reasoning to nations for a single reason: leftists’ pet groups are always deficient. Leftists find it hard to claim to represent, say, Americans, but position themselves as the heralds of primitive peoples, such as Africans or Arabs.

Cats are less intellectually advanced than humans, but humans don’t kill cats for that reason. Human beings evolve; modern humans are definitely smarter than Neanderthals. The West and the Middle East evolved differently; Westerners statistically have achieved better than Arabs throughout history. Could all the previous generations have been wrong? Can we imagine that no Arab throughout history was sufficiently educated to come up with a major invention?

Rational recognition of the statistically different achievements of nations is not the same racism as lynching. Passive dislike doesn’t equal hatred, and surely not actionable hatred. Thoughts are not deeds; Jesus was wrong to equate lust with adultery. Leftists sophistically widen the meaning of racism to accuse the detractors of their pet nations of immorality. By the current standard of racism, books written before the 1960s are generally racist, and the leftists have already censored The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Arabs exploit popular unwillingness to assert their intellectual inferiority.

Generalization about Arab intellect is presumed immoral, but leftists generalize the other way in presuming Arabs to be good and smart. Generalization and arguing from absence of evidence are accepted scientific methods. We don’t care that the Arabs could have achieved decent intellectual results if they had been forced to attend universities from seventh century onwards; absent positive evidence of their achievements, it is logical to presume them stupid.

Groups, including nations, are different from each other. Their competition fosters social evolution and progress. In the process, some groups die out. Oil purchases artificially keep the Arab hordes alive.

Neanderthals were human