Israeli left refuse to see the consequences of bulging Arab populations. Some honest self-hating Jews offered to part with paraphernalia of Jewish state, mainly cleanse Israeli national anthem from Jew-specific lines. That won’t suffice. The major long-term problem in Israeli Jewish-Arab relations is the Law of Return which stipulates that every Jew could immigrate to Israel. The law is incompatible with ethnic-blind democracy. Israel surrendered the law’s meaning when she allowed the repatriating Jews to bring Gentile spouses. No less than 200,000 non-Jews thus entered Israel, mostly from ex-Soviet Union and often hostile to the Jewish idea. Israel imports voters who want to vote her Jewishness out of existence. Jewish politicians refused the right of return to Arabs who reasonably claim that the descendants of the 1948 refugees are no less entitled to return to ethnic-blind Israel than the Jewish descendants of 135 C.E. refugees. Israeli critics are correct: so different treatment of Jews and Arabs is apartheid and racism. Though I see no problem with passive racism, most people do, and Israel would be pressured to abandon the Jew-only Law of Return. Flooding the country with possibly millions of new Arabs in not a welcome option, and Israelis would likely rescind the law. That would not present a technical problem, since the ready pools of the Diaspora Jews are drained, and no massive aliyah is in sight. Israeli embassies could admit new immigrants on ad hoc basis through fictional family reunion schemes, the approach initially employed to render the Jews from the communist empire. The Law of Return, however, was not a mere technical device, but powerful declaration which connected Israel to Jews worldwide. Repealing the Law of Return – an unavoidable step in liberal democracy – would strip Israel of her reason for existence. Israel, a state which merely accommodates Jews with no advantageous references to them in her laws, a state where the Hebrew is just one state language among others, a place where Judaism is driven next to the underground, could be meaningfully called a Jewish state – and Arabs would object to calling her thus.

Ethnically blind Israel would lose credibility of a Jewish state, and much of the support it now enjoys.