Mossad has long grown into a self-serving organization independent of Jewish purposes. Staffed by ultra-leftists of “Nordic character,” Mossad doesn’t see its job as defending the Jewish Israel. The results of Mossad operations even in enemy states are mostly negligible, as the government fails to act on the intelligence gathered by such operations. At any rate, those operations fall under the jurisdiction of Israel’s Military Intelligence, which does its work pretty well. Mossad has evolved into a political and commercial arm of the Israeli establishment, known for cheap Hollywood-like stunts such as targeted assassinations. They solve nothing, are tremendously expensive, misuse scare intelligence resources, and greatly endanger the Diaspora Jews who fall prey to retaliation. Mossad, like much of Shabak, has become a strong arm for Israeli leftists.

Mossad operations in non-enemy states are dismally inefficient. To know everything is not a proper objective; that’s CNN’s job. Mossad’s work makes sense only as a basis for government policy or actions, and such actions regarding non-belligerent states are extremely rare.

The diminishing secrecy of Mossad’s staffing and operations shows the recognition of its increasing superfluousness. The name of Mossad’s chief, which was top secret years ago, is now widely known.
Mossad evolved into an economic empire, and provides formidable financing for ultra-left figures. From its early involvement in financial scams (not a bad thing in itself), Mossad switched to country-wide projects. One such famous project is ex-Mossad head Danny Yatom’s business in Angola with Lev Levaev. Another Mossad ex-head, Shabtai Shavit, had his own pet billionaire, the super-corrupt Marc Rich, indicted for trading with Iran in circumvention of the sanctions. Rich wondrously evaded US marshals for decades before Clinton pardoned him on the intercession of Shavit, Peres, and Barack.

Just one example of the criminal economic activities of the Israeli establishment is Glencore, Marc Rich’s infamous company, which cooperated with the world’s worst regimes, including almost every Muslim enemy state. Glencore enjoys a huge, near-monopolistic share of oil supplies to Israel, even though the Russians almost evicted Glencore from their markets. Instead of cooperating with the discredited Glencore, Israel can buy Russian oil from one of the traders associated with Putin, and thus build goodwill, but the economic interests of the Israeli political establishment prevail. Under the Camp David agreements, Israel can buy any amount of oil from the US; this would also be a bit cheaper and considerably more efficient in political terms than dealing with Glencore.

Mossad’s business empire would be bad, but the politico-economic empire devastates Israel. The economic arrangements between some of the dirtiest businessmen and outright criminals (such as Seva Mogilevich, Marc Rich, and Martin Shlaff); the all-powerful politicians such as Peres or Barack; the highest-ranking Mossad officials; and various foreigners ranging from the hostile (EU ministers) to the enemy (Fatah bosses) are killing the Jewish state.