Israel is not unique in restricting immigration, except for the core nation. Even in America, the open immigration policy is a tribute to old times; less than 0.1% of the population is admitted annually through non-reunion immigration. Many European country, such as Germany, has open immigration policies for the core ethnicity only.

Fifty years ago, European countries were closed to immigration. The process ballooned. First Western Europe admitted a small number of foreign workers. Once the Europeans got a taste of dumping undesired jobs on immigrants, their flow increased. Then came the “guilt migrants.” France allowed large numbers of Muslims and Asians in after its atrocious campaigns in Algeria and Indochina. The immigrants bred, acquired citizenship through anchor babies, and brought in scores of their relatives—who in turn proceeded to bring their kin. The immigrant population exploded. In just over two decades, immigrant citizens became important European constituencies and changed the cultural layout of many European cities on the scale unseen since the last jihad.

A similar fate awaits Israel. Her immigrant citizens unrelated to Jews now constitute about 5% of the population. As always, an iceberg is below the surface: close to a million foreign workers live in Israel, 20% of the Jewish population. They cannot be eradicated easily: their children go to Israeli schools, and they intermarry heavily with Israelis and acquire citizenship through other channels. There is every indication that a large number of them will eventually be naturalized. Though Israel lacks formal legislation for family reunions—largely to avoid swarms of Arabs—the Supreme Court will certainly dictate such legislation to the Knesset in response to human rights petitions. A million foreigners from poor countries, if entitled to bring in their relatives, will definitely do so, inundating Israel with pagans.

Of course the process could be stopped , but it certainly won’t be. Arab countries admit a lot of foreign workers, but don’t allow their naturalization in whatever generation. Israeli Arabs, a normal people, would drive out the immigrant hordes, including the West Bank Palestinians, if only the police allowed them.

Even in a legally minded but patriotic country, migrant workers need not pose a threat. There is no human right to a family reunion in Israel; let the newlyweds move to the other spouse’s homeland in Bangkok or Ramallah.

At the same time that Israel is granting citizenship to children of foreign workers, most countries have abandoned anchor-baby policies. A person does not become naturalized merely by being born in the country; he has to have significant connections to it.

Migrant workers are allowed in for a reason: because they are cheaper than locals and take the unwanted jobs. When we start providing them with medical treatment, social security benefits, and schools for their children, they are no longer cheaper than locals. Moreover, their children often take the jobs that Jews of the lower classes desperately need. In a sense, migrants can be compared to contractors rather than to hired workers: their employer country has no responsibility for them. They come, they work for a fixed term, and they go, taking their offspring with them. Good luck, our thanks, and best wishes in your old homeland.

Even this formula shows the skewed perception of the migrants. We need not feel gratitude to them: they have been compensated adequately. On the contrary, they must be grateful to us for providing them with a profitable labor franchise. We owe them nothing. It is a delusion of the leftist intelligentsia that laborers do all the work for us and we are indebted to them morally no matter their salaries. They work, we pay; it is a fair bargain, and no cuddling is necessary. Foreign laborers are not pets in need of compassion and protection, as the leftists imagine them to be. Like contract workers, they made an entrepreneurial choice to journey into a foreign country for a higher income. We paid them much more than they could have earned in Thailand or the West Bank, and so we can bid them farewell, with no remorse.

In relation to the West Bank Arabs, leftists’ pro-labor policies border on treason. Jews do not have to care about our enemies’ incomes. By accepting Palestinian laborers, Jews keep Palestinian society on life support. In the absence of Israeli employment, a lot of the West Bank Arabs would have emigrated. Israel has a major interest in depopulating the West Bank, and the emigration of young and productive Arabs is the best way to achieve that objective. Early Zionists, no less socialist than the current generation of the Labor Party, had the common sense and patriotism to refuse employment to Arabs on the pretext of encouraging Jewish labor. Call it what you will, but don’t hire the Arabs. Hiring West Bank Palestinians amounts to murdering Jews; not only because their wages support terrorist organizations, but more importantly because the income our enemies derive from Israel perpetuates their society, which otherwise would die out from emigration. No people with a modicum of self-respect would hire from a nation that claims their land and attacks them on a daily basis.

Israel now has more Arab migrant workers than any potential number of Palestinian refugees who might seek resettlement in Israel. They will stay here through the use of fictitious marriages and outright illegally. We must deport the migrants immediately or they will become naturalized and increase to a large proportion of the population.