Rats run from drowning ships for a practical reason: they feel no metaphysical attachment to the ship as the captain does. The rats have no reason to drown. They are smart and cynical, and thus they leave. And so do Slavs in Israel.

Russian people who moved to Israel originally had an imperial mindset: Israel was their new state, worth killing Arabs for, and the Arabs did not deserve to live in that state. The Russians, untainted with the Diaspora mentality, were more patriotic than many Jews. The wars of 1967 and 1973 confirmed the Russians in their perception of Israel as a strong country. That attitude started to change with Oslo and accelerated with the influx of economic immigrants from Russia in the 1990s. Russian Israelis behave remarkably like Druze: they support the strong state and carefully abandon the weak. Both groups are equally comfortable in a Jewish or an Arab country; if the Jews care not about their state, Slavs and Druze have even less reason to do so. They want safety, not sacrifices, and don’t care about Jewish values: an atheist, semi-socialist, ghetto-sized state is very fine with them. Israeli Slavs laud Lieberman, who promises them supra-equality with the Jews, with institutionalized Russian culture, Russian language, and pro-Russian policy. The Russians failed to dominate the Arabs in their alliance with the Jews, and switched to the familiar tactic of dominating the Jewish weaklings. Thus Slavs on Israeli streets flaunting their Christian crosses, open anti-Semitism and quasi-Nazi organizations, and their arrogant refusal to learn Hebrew—while demanding Israeli welfare.

Many Slavs are decent and even patriotic citizens of Israel, fully amenable to ger toshav or even ger tzedek status. Many are not, and their citizenship should be revoked, regardless of shameful family ties, for even the smallest demonstration of disloyalty to the Jewish state.

There are many self-hating Jews and Jewish anti-Semites. There are plenty of leftists with twisted morality. Scores of Israeli Jews are less patriotic than the Slavs. That’s the big problem, but if doesn’t obliterate the smaller and still annoying problem of anti-Semitic Slavs swarming Israel.

Unless the right can co-opt Israeli Slavs into unreservedly fighting the Arabs, the Israeli police will involve the Slavs in brutal repressions against religious Jews.