Palestinian factions are used to fighting their brethren. Arafat suppressed the strife, but now it has re-emerged in the Hamas–Fatah conflict. In Muslim societies, like most undeveloped nations, factional strife and dictatorship are the only options. Clashes rarely lead to civil wars because the homogenous Arab population welcomes whichever glorious dictator emerges. Fatah has no candidate for glorious strongman. Financially suffocated by Israel and the West, Fatah cannot buy many followers. Hamas so far thrives its leaders’ charisma and is less dependent on financing. The West supports the moderately murderous Fatah, while local and foreign Muslims opt for the honestly radical Hamas. America and Israel forced Hamas from the government, and it has nowhere to go other than into the military underground. Hamas prefers to lead a state without US aid rather than disband amid a shower of dollars. Fatah needs to eliminate the popular Hamas, a contender for power. Previously, Fatah forced militant factions out of the Palestinian milieu into the arena of international terrorism. Western security services now police that arena, and the Syrians, Saudis, and Iranians pay Hamas to do the job locally. So far, Fatah and Hamas are poised to clash and Fatah to lose.

During a Hamas–Fatah fight at the border crossing, European observers fled. The notoriously inept observers are not paid to oppose Arab militias. After the US forced Israel to abandon the checkpoint to Arabs and Europeans, weapons and explosives are trafficked from Egypt into Palestine.

70,000 Arabs, a full 2% of the population, gathered in Gaza to celebrate the anniversary of Hamas. They are not just sympathetic voters but extreme militants who follow the Jewish leftists in rejecting Israel. How small is 2%? M.L.King gathered about 0.15% of the US population in Washington. How small is 70,000 people? About the maximum number of Israeli demonstrators who protested the Gush Katif eviction.

Figures from the other side of the Atlantic are also impressive. Jimmy Carter’s book, Palestine: Peace, not Apartheid, holds seventh place on the NY Times bestseller list. More than 100,000 American anti-semites were curious enough to read the book, and the number is expected to rise above a million. There are many more anti-semites who don’t care to reinforce their views by Carter’s writings.

A group of quislings, leftist “rabbis,” prayed with Carter, asking God for peace at the cost of a Jewish state.

Carter, Rabin, Peres, and Arafat make a nice bunch of Nobel Peace Prize winners. They greatly furthered the impossible Middle East peace. Carter cost Israel more than any other leftist: he forced Menachem Begin to give away Sinai. Jimmy Carter started US support for the murderous Afghani jihadi.

Carter correctly describes Israeli-Palestinian relations as apartheid. Arabs live in a state that proudly calls itself Jewish, has Jewish holidays, and allows only Jewish repatriates. We must end that shameful apartheid. Deport the Arabs to Jordan.