Many Jews, myself included, have positive experience with Arabs and even Arab friends. That seems to imply that Arabs are generally good and that peaceful relations with them can be established. But recall that anti-Semites dispel criticism with the “I have a Jewish friend” mantra. On the micro-level, an Arab taxi driver or bread seller is a decent, hardworking person. He wants to earn money and is nice to his Jewish customers. His immediate inclination is to serve Jews, not kill them. Complex systems do not equal the sum of their parts, and nations behave differently from individuals. Ideology cements nations, and they are concerned with ideology more than well-being. The Palestinian Arab community does not want to sell more pita bread to Jews, but to realize Palestinian aspirations by destroying a Zionist state. Zhabotinsky accepted Arabs in the Jewish state, presuming they would follow individual interest. Since then, Palestinian Arabs have developed a national backbone, and Israel failed to destroy it from village bosses up. Israel lost an ephemeral chance to coexist with individual Arabs, and has to fight an Arab nation.