Some like to picking and choose from the Torah, twisting it in a way that goes beyond mere interpretation, creating a religion of convenience. Their “Judaism” of love and compassion is stripped of textual proof and rejects the proofs to the contrary which abound in the Bible. Their religion is no different from Christianity, and often much narrower. To observe such basic ethical rules, one need not be Jewish, or even religious. They will assimilate as scores of Jewish sects have done before.

Many Jews, lured by Reform and Conservative scams, would lose their Jewishness, assimilate, and cease to be Jews. Some would opt for recognizable, solid theology, even if it is associated with the corrupt Orthodox establishment. A resurgence of religion has taken place among many nations; surely it could occur among Jews. Jews have tried the religions of socialism and democracy, the idols of Lenin and Stalin, and the transcendent goal of Zionism. None have worked, and they should return to the proven values, or rather symbols. Few study Judaism, while many accept it as a mascot to gather around and dissolve in the like-minded crowd.

Why be different? Ask ladies who don’t want a dress similar to other women’s dresses. Fans devoted to brands and football teams may wonder, why be devoted to one’s nation? People rigorously train for years in order to win silly prizes; but religion offers a larger prize.

The human goal is not hedonism. If it were so, inserting electrodes in the brain and stimulating the centers of satisfaction would satisfy the human raison d’etre. Why, indeed, go to the trouble of finding visual and emotional events which stimulate the brain, rather than affecting the brain center directly?

If humans were created, it was for a purpose. Why create something that would produce no external benefits? Rather, humans were created for divine service. Our task is living the divinely prescribed way of life, the way of highest moral purity—which incidentally is very comfortable.

Individualism, egoism, and just being a good person are unacceptably little now. When your family starves, you have to feed it. When your nation is endangered, you have to defend it. In nice, peaceful times, being a good man suffices; today, good men fight bad governments.

Isolation from one’s community is illegal. People must bear witness to crime, and the Bible obliges them to personally execute the criminals against whom they have testified. People must participate in defensive wars. Today, the Jewish nation is defended not on a battlefield, but in secular schools, assimilationist synagogues, and in violent clashes with the forces of the collaborationist Israeli government.