Israeli government is prepared to evict a quarter of million Jews from Judea and Samaria. Why not rather evict a million and a quarter Arabs from Israel? Clearly, it would have made no difference for Israeli government if more than a million rather than quarter of million Jews resided in the territories. The issue of justice is similarly irrelevant: Israel rejected a Palestinian state forty years ago. There is no power struggle; Palestinian terrorists inflict statistically insignificant damage on Israel. European pressure on Israel is mild to that exerted on Rhodesia or Yugoslavia. Fascist Spain and quasi-fascist Greek lived for decades in the atmosphere of international hostility. Closed socialist economy of Sweden developed relatively well.

Israeli government accepted Palestinian state due to weariness and seeming lack of options. Jewish state bereft of religion and strong ideology sees no reason to cling to Judea and Samaria. Israel did not plan initially on holding the territories; international acquiescence to the occupation came as surprise and the Jews hanged on the acquired land. Israeli role of administrator for the Palestinian autonomy is so senseless that it isn’t worth the political and terrorist attrition unleashed against Israel. Jews could suffer losses, but not senselessly. Israeli government gives the territories away because holding them in the current arrangement makes no sense: Israel pays the price without enjoying the fruits. Judea and Samaria, annexed to Israel and cleansed of Arab population, is a prize to hold, even at cost. Instead, Israeli government goes for deportation of Jews from Judea and Samaria rather than at least demanding population exchange with accompanying deportation of Arabs from Israel. Palestinian state, if any, must be for Palestinian people. For all of them. That makes a nice slogan: Palestinian state – for all Palestinians.