Israeli rulers are racists. They agree to the Palestinian state because they don’t want Arabs from the territories to inundate Israel, dismantling its Jewish identity. The inevitability of the Arab demographic threat to the Jewish state, however, is a scapegoat.

For one, Israel is not a state of Jews even now. Arabs already constitute 34 percent of Israeli young population, and 19 percent are of Slavs with no more than an ephemeral connection to Judaism. Other non-Jews constitute 6 percent of the Israel’s population. Additionally, there are huge swarms of Arab residents of Israel who won’t move voluntarily to the pauperized Palestinian state when it is created, and Israel lacks the political will to revoke their residence permits and expel them. Even after a Palestinian state is created, Jews would hardly constitute a third of the young Israeli population. Arab international family reunions would drive the percentage of Jews still lower. This cannot be emphasized enough: Jews are already a minority in Israel.

Israel is not a Jewish state. If, incredibly, the government were to come up with some scheme to create a Jewish majority in Israel—say, by purging the birth records of Israeli Slavs—Israel would remain an un-Jewish state. A state which doesn’t honor Sabbath or other basic tenets of Jewish religion, which abandons the Temple Mount to Muslims, cannot meaningfully be called Jewish.

The Allies at the Potsdam Conference explicitly sanctioned “orderly population transfers” of about 12 million ethnic Germans from Poland and Czechoslovakia after WWII. The Treaty of Lausanne allowed Greece and Turkey to expel one another’s minorities a little earlier. The world did not care when the Arab countries pushed out their Jews. The world accepted the Jews running out the Palestinians in 1948, and generally supports the Jews in refusing to allow them back in. The world is sensible, and would tolerate the expulsion of Arabs from Judea and Israel. The one thing the world hates is calls for compassion, especially from TV screens. So whatever Israel does about the Arabs has to be done swiftly and irreversibly; no refugee camps.

The Arab problem is not really so big. The Israeli government prevents the West Bank Arabs from emigrating. Instead, teach them useful employment, and they will move out. Young Palestinians, educated as doctors or engineers, will move to other Arab countries in search of better pay. The simple measure of distributing free condoms would considerably reduce the Arab birth rate. Boycotting Arab labor in Israel would push able males to emigrate, and their families would eventually join them. At the very least, we should crack down on the illegal labor market; forced to pay Israeli taxes, economically inefficient Arabs would emigrate. Reining in the theft-based Palestinian economy would cripple the Arab industries dependent on stealing electrical power, building materials, and other goods from Israel.

The number of Arabs in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza is grossly overstated. Mortality is officially almost non-existent in Palestinian communities: Arabs receive UN and EU subsidies for their long-dead relatives. For the same reason, the reported infant mortality in refugee camps and Palestinian towns is unusually low, much lower than in similar places in the Third World. There are many documented cases of fake births, where Palestinian women borrow babies from each other to register more children and receive more subsidies. Many Arabs are counted twice: as Israeli Arab residents and inhabitants of the West Bank. Sometimes they are counted thrice when a part of their family lives in Gaza. Arabs who have moved from one West Bank town to another are often counted in both places. Illegal emigration from the West Bank and Gaza to Arab countries is not accounted for. Realistic estimates put the Arab population of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza at 1.5 to 2.5 million. Close to 60 percent of Judea and Samaria is virtually empty, settled by a mere 1 percent of the total Arab population. Basic enforcement of Israel’s laws on Arabs, such as making them pay taxes, serve in the army, and razing their massive illegal construction, would make Israel unattractive to Arabs. Property buyouts at fair value would also induce some Arabs to leave Israel for cheaper neighboring countries. After Israel pushes some Palestinians out with economic policies and induces others to emigrate through compensations, the number left to be expelled won’t be huge.

Israel will be in existential danger regardless of the policies concerning her Arabs and the Palestinian state. A Jewish state amid a sea of Muslims can never be safe, especially considering the Islamic prohibition of non-Muslim statehood in the Middle East. In any major conflict, Palestinians will be a fifth column because they are normal people and would like to have back the land they consider theirs. There is no reason for Jews to refrain from expelling the Palestinian Arabs.