Moderation is relative. Fringes are designated by extreme actions. In order to move the Israeli political center to the right, the right fringe itself has to be extended. Demonstrations and passive defense of illegal outposts are the most right-wing actions today. The right seek to limit concessions while the left pushes for across-the-board concessions. No wonder the middle way moved to the left. Shifting the right can shift the political balance to the right.

Instead of imploring, the right might want to attack. Decrying the Arab demographic explosion might give way to exploding the Arabs to make them move out of Israel. Instead of denouncing massive illegal construction by Arabs, right-wing Jews might want to blow up the illegal houses along with their Arab inhabitants. The right-wingers might want to up the stakes in confrontations with police over illegal Jewish settlements by using active force. Leftists enjoy media bias, but right-wingers can force the media to cover their actions if the actions are unavoidably newsworthy. When the Israeli public sees that Jews kill Jews, it would accept Jews driving Arabs from Israel.

On the background of a considerable number of real Jewish extremists like Avraham Stern, Israeli voters will accept politicians like Eldad as acceptable centrists, and vote for them.