The Torah says, Do not follow the majority to evil. Plato and scores of other philosophers despised democracy. Beside the small, culturally homogeneous Greek cities, no state has practiced democracy. At most, states from Rome to the United States have used democratic rhetoric to legitimize themselves while manipulating public opinion.

Democracy works when people share basic values and goals, which is not the case in Israel. Some Jews think tolerance and democracy the objectives, while others follow Jewish religious or nationalist ideals. These views cannot be correlated; there is no room for compromise. The leftists won’t accept restrictions of Arab citizen rights, while the nationalists won’t accede to Israeli Arabs voting the Jewish state out of existence.

Most of the Hebrews wanted to return to Egypt when they ran into difficulties in Sinai. Most German Jews laughed at Zionist notions and refused to move to Palestine. Most Soviet Jews willingly stayed in their anti-Zionist state and moved to Israel only in the late 1980s when economic conditions in Russia became unbearable.

No wonder most Israelis opt for the peace process. Mob behavior is irrational. No amount of rational discourse would convince the mob that peace is historically a product of force, not concessions. The mob believes in comfortable notions, true or not. The barrage of anti-semitism and the clear statements of Nazi intent did not convince German Jews to flee the Holocaust. Most Israelis similarly ignore the facts: that the Arabs want their land back and enough of them will fight, that Israeli rulers do not care about the safety of the Jews, that demographic changes will make Israel an Arab state. We shall ignore those who ignore the facts.

True Jews, from Moses to the Maccabees to the Zionists have been a small minority. They did not care about majority opinion. If necessary, they opposed the majority. The visionaries worked for the Jewish idea which incidentally benefits the Jewish masses.

So abandon democracy and do what is right. A military coup will be most welcome. Almost all top-level generalissimos are political conformists, but a mid-level commander could bring his battalion to Jerusalem, hang the government, disperse the corrupt Knesset, and call on the army to implement a simple program: annex the core Jewish lands to make Israel a defensible state, defuse the demographic time bomb by deporting Israeli Arabs to Jordan, and introduce sufficiently draconian responses to stop terrorism.

Peaceful demonstrations are an exceedingly long-term strategy at best. Politicians in power recognize demonstrators as hard-core adherents of the opposition who won’t vote their way anyway and are not worth catering to. Mahatma Gandhi succeeded peacefully against the British because British domestic opinion wanted to abandon the colonies anyway. The British were few in India and unable to overcome the mass movement. Israeli rulers are determined to stay in power, and propaganda and police can eventually break any movement.

We no more try to convince empty souls. Our land, pride, being Jewish, means nothing to them. People who lack Jewish values could remain at home. The Jews must act.

Though the world saw in Lebanon the consequences of our withdrawal from Gaza, the Israeli government is bent on further withdrawals. The core Jewish land of Judea is earmarked for slaughter on the altar of the peace process. The Israeli government plans to demolish Jewish houses, towns, and outposts. The Jewish idea in Israel is raped oftener than the women in Moshe Katsav’s office.

The Jews fought the British and the Egyptians for our land. Now it’s the time to fight the Jewish quislings. A Jew who hasn’t been to jail on political charges is no decent Jew. The Maccabees today would not have hesitated to deal with the Jewish traitors by any means: from hand combat to clubs to firearms.

This is our land. We won’t give it back.