Defeatist opposition touts the importance of media – which, admittedly, silences or misrepresents the conservative views and actions. Absence of coverage is elevated into a reason for inaction. Mahatma Gandhi assembled mass movement in the age of limited media capacities. Rumors, facilitated by door-to-door distributed pamphlets, offer adequate coverage. Israel is a small, deeply interconnected country. Army service makes social networks. Peer-to-peer talk is easy and extremely efficient. Talk to the people you know and ask them to talk to their friends. Be serious about talking.

When going door-to-door, ask for money. People put their mind where their money is; they could give twenty shekels only, but after that, they would be much closer to the right wing. People tend to praise the charities they donate to. Giving even a minor amount immediately draws the mainstream Jews into the right movement: after all, who is more involved than the financiers? Money is a token of cooperation, a seal on the contract. Ask for a minor token, and get a follower.

People lean to victorious party. A system, slowly on the rise, suddenly receives a windfall of followers. Persistency is perceived as success. Conservative Jews must keep doing myriad routine things, knocking thousands doors, and wait to see the sudden change in the public mood.

make do without media