The prime minister possesses very limited power in Israel. Not even a retinue plays the king, but a vague, deeply interconnected leftist clique, addicted to the same domestic oligarchs and foreign sponsors. This cosmopolitan clique adheres to the democratic goals of its European friends, values Jewish interests at nothing, and pursues a socialist agenda of consciously changing society. Thus, the peace process.

Dissatisfied with Olmert’s slow performance on the withdrawal from Judea and Samaria, Leftists pressed him with unsustainable corruption allegations until he broke with them. Peres, the Left’s puppeteer, eyes prime ministry. His idea is to head the Labor list, discredit Olmert and Netanyahu, and leave Israelis with no choice other than to vote Peres into the office. The Left will play against Olmert and their rapprochement is unlikely. He’s set to drift to the right. As an added guarantee, Olmert is too weak to carry out the Left’s ambitious plan of a large-scale withdrawal from Judea and Samaria. Olmert’s choice of Ashkenazi for Chief of Staff suggests he does not plan the withdrawal in the near future.

Attorney-General Mazuz appropriated enormous power. He decides which cases are to be prosecuted, which charges filed, and which friendly bureaucrats absolved. He cracked down on demonstrators and established personal control over the police. That Arab Jew pursued a typically tyrannical approach, made himself into a dictator, and not a petty one. Any right-winger who comes to the prime minister’s office could only succeed if he replaces the attorney general and key security figures. Otherwise, the Left and their puppets in charge of Israeli security will fabricate new allegations, orchestrate media howling, and force the prime minister to either curtail the right-wing policies (if he’s innocent) or abandon the Jewish lands to Arabs (if he’s guilty and fears prosecution). The court will eventually drop the case, but by that time the policies will be already implemented.

The Left struck the Israeli security system like cancer, and Israeli immunity is paralyzed like a cancer patients’. Surgery is needed.