The Cairo museum of the 1973 war deals only with the opening hours of the Egyptian offense. The museum tells Egyptians they won. The Israeli government should learn a lesson about the Arab mentality from that.

Arabs are unconcerned with rational results. Win or lose, does not matter. Rather, a show of heroics is paramount. In 1973, Egypt prevailed against its archenemy and won a battle after several humiliating losses in previous decades.

Al Qaeda, embattled and retreating, became a legend. It hit the Great Satan gloriously, and what happened next does not matter.

Hezbollah, a David against an Israeli Goliath, has already entered the annals of Arab glory. Its guerillas opposed the Israeli army fiercely, made the Zionist enemy mad, and inflicted damage on its cities. With that kind of reputation, Hezbollah or its successor organization will surely attract many more sponsors and volunteers to recover its losses.

The alternative is to humiliate Hezbollah, destroying it in a day or two. Israel could achieve that by using all the military options available and disregarding the collateral damage.