Niceness has become the major Jewish value; nice Jewish boy, nice Jewish girl, nice behavior. The nice Jews are unobtrusive, downplay their Jewishness, and avoid confrontations with Gentiles, Arabs, or the Israeli government. Niceness pays, and allows the Jews to become well-paid professionals, if empty souls.

The nice Jews celebrate some very un-nice holidays: Pesach, when we robbed the Egyptians and raged on our enemies in Sinai; Purim, when we massively killed the Iranians; Hanukkah, when we the fundamentalists exterminated Jewish liberals. Nice Jews are ok with barbarism. Their heads are comfortably in the sand: crumbling Israel or the vanishing Jewish community in America doesn’t concern them. It is not nice to defend one’s values, let alone Jewish values.

I met a high-ranking bureaucrat. He knows of my right-of-Kahane position, but was very liberal: he (they) will tolerate my (our) views if we won’t enforce them. Of course, we would. We tried enforcing our views on the government during the Gush Katif protests and the clashes in Amona. If we abstain, the leftists would enforce their views on us and our children: brainwashing in schools, tacitly barring us from the army, and giving away our land to Arabs to satisfy Gentiles. We cannot coexist; that’s what Hanukah is about: the conservative right annihilating the progressive, tolerant, assimilationist left. They do not abstain from action, but act against us and Jewish children. Judaism defined human rights before liberalism; core values, however, are not open to liberal abrogation.

The liberal Jew is a fiction. The Jewish religion is no individual: all Jews are responsible for each other, and all are jointly responsible before God. Judaism cannot be practiced by hermits; its ultimate earthly aim is a godly society. Liberal Jews are cynics or atheists. Jews were not liberal when we made synagogues into “fountains of persecution [of Christians]” (Tertullian, Scorpiace) and beat the apostates there (Eusebius, Ecclesiastical History 5.6.12). Neither were the rabbis liberal when derided Jesus in midrashim with the wildest libels.

Judaism—a rigorous ethics—isn’t an easy lifestyle. Jews tend to assimilate. Liberal democrats pander to their voters and advance the assimilation. Officially, they are all for Judaism; so was Philo in his unrestrained praise of Greek gymnasia. Modern liberals, just like Philo millennia before them, concentrate on the pleasant sides of Gentile culture, forgetting to tell their Jewish audience one minor thing: enjoying that culture requires renouncing Judaism. Philo’s contemporaries in Alexandria accepted their children’s participation in pagan rites in gymnasia, and modern Jews admire religious tolerance (read—cynicism), interfaith dialogue (embrace of foreign cultures), and idealistic moralizing, which is so beautiful compared to the strictly practical ethics of Judaism.